CSCOPE or CSCAM – Join Alice for a Round Table

MARBLE FALLS, TX – Let’s sit down together and have a Community Conversation about Texas’ Common Core ~ CSCOPE.

Join the Highland Lakes Tea Party THIS Thursday at River City Grill in Marble Falls for a Round Table Discussion. Students, Parents, Teachers, School Administrators, School Board Members, and any interested parties are welcome to participate.

Meeting Details:

Thursday – April 25th

River City Grill
700 First Street
Marble Falls, Texas

Dinner and Social Time: 5:30-6:30pm

Meeting Start Time: 6:30pm


Here is a little insight and wisdom on how to fight for your children and grandchildren from a Texas Teacher who is a good friend and colleague in the battle to expose CSCOPE.

What to say when the Superintendent or Curriculum Specialist says,

“We can’t get rid of CSCOPE because… CSCOPE provides research based instruction.”

“Great, I am so glad you brought that up. Please provide me with hard copy information about all the piloted research studies that were conducted by an independent research firm before CSCOPE was launched. I am eager to see the proof that it works.”

“CSCOPE is used in over 875 ISD’s across Texas”

“How do you explain that more schools than ever before are rated academically unacceptable, with more projected to be so in the future? How do you explain that school districts that opted not to use CSCOPE are faring better than districts who are using it?”

“…we can’t find anything better than CSCOPE. If you can find something better we’ll use it.”

“I am so glad you said that. I will put together a parent committee right now. We will bring you options and an action plan to pick one of the options presented by the end of next week. We will hold you to your word that you are seeking the finest materials for our students.”

“CSCOPE is correlated to the TEKS. They change all the time, and we have to have a living document that will change with the TEKS. CSCOPE provides that for our district.”

“If CSCOPE is changing all the time, like you said it is, how can parents be assured that the material is properly reviewed? I am submitting a written request for the printed lessons to include an ongoing update of every change made to every lesson as it is changed.”

“…you are the only person who has complained. The teachers and other parents are very satisfied with CSCOPE.”

“I have a list of a hundred parents in this district who are not satisfied with CSCOPE and we will continue to meet with you until it is removed from use in our schools. We pay you to exercise a responsive leadership to the tax payers in this district. I have spoken with many parents and teachers who are highly dissatisfied.”

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