BREAKING NEWS: SB 5 cannot be signed

 SB 5 cannot be signed. It was not voted on until after midnight and the special session was over.”

Parents it is time to check your child’s school library and your local community library~ Especially in light of what just happened in Texas on the floor of the Senate. SB5 (20 week Fetal Pain legislation) did not pass. (Updated) They believe not only in abortion but late term abortion-after 20 weeks. 

The Common Core philosophy of education is in Texas schools via TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators), TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) and the ESC (Education Service Centers) and the American Library Association. 

I was fascinated by Wendy Davis’ progressive liberal push against SB5 and for Planned Parenthood clinics for women’s health and all the stories of the women who must have access to an abortion because their lives and rights will be ruined.

Connecting the Dots on the threats that face our children. 

Do you realize what is being put into the minds of our children in school libraries through the American Library Association?

Let’s start with this flyer given to young children by the American Library Association through schools which advises them the only one who will know what you check out of the library is the librarian. 

Listen to Education Correspondent and teacher Mary explain what she is seeing……

So now via the Librarian your child will know all about Sexting through Common Core.

So now via the Librarian your child will know all about Sexting through Common Core.


Connect the dots with what is being produced and pushed by a board member of Planned Parenthood Robie H. Harris an author, specializing in books for children. 

Her book It’s Perfectly Normal (for ages 10-14)  is described as an “intelligent, amiable, and carefully researched book [that] frankly explains the physical, psychological, emotional, and social changes that occur during puberty;” adding that the watercolor and pencil art “reinforces a message that bodies come in all sizes, shapes, and colors- and that each variation is ‘perfectly normal’.” 

This  book has been highly honored by the ALA, Booklist, Child Magazine, The New York Times, Planned Parenthood, and Publishers’ Weekly. 

Consider two facts: (1) Washington, D.C., was the first major city in the U.S. to incorporate mandatory sex education into its school curriculum, and (2) Washington now has the highest teen pregnancy and abortion rates in the nation. These two facts are related, and they indicate why, according to the Gannett Sunday magazine USA Weekend, one in three American children becomes sexually active before entering the eighth grade.

As researchers Joseph Olsen and Stan Weed reported in The Wall Street Journal in 1986, “the impact on the abortion and total pregnancy rates was exactly opposite the stated intentions” of school sex ed programs.

Let’s consider It’s Perfectly Normal, a popular elementary-school sex ed text written by Robie Harris, a member of the Planned Parenthood Board of Advocates. The book is designed for 10 year-olds and contains material recommended by the Connecticut Department of Education for fourthgraders. Over fifty graphic colored illustrations of naked boys and girls are used to teach little children about various sexual practices and to assure them of the normality of homosexuality. The book shows children how to masturbate and how to engage with others in sexual activities, short of intercourse. It discusses contraceptives and illustrates how to put on a condom. It also lists nine reasons for having an abortion.

Probably the most popular sex ed text in American high schools is Changing Bodies, Changing Lives. it teaches that” bisexuality is an openness to loving, sexual relationships with both sexes – our true nature,” and graphically describes sexual practices of homosexuals. Then there is Learning About Sex, which is, says the blurb on the cover, “a must for all young people.” This textbook blithely observes that “Sado-masochism may be very acceptable and safe for sexual partners who know each other’s needs.” All texts for older students recommend fornication. Learning About Sex also in effect recommends adultery: “Some people are now saying that partnerships – married or unmarried – should not be exclusive. They believe that while a primary relationship is maintained with one person, the freedom for both partners to love and share sex with others should also be present.”

Bestiality is similarly given space, in the blandly normalizing statement that “a fair percentage of people probably have some sort of sexual contact with an animal during their lifetime….” (Animal-rights activists may want to check how their clients feel about this.) Wardell Pomeroy, author of Boys and Sex and Girls and Sex, also writes of “a loving sexual relationship with an animal,” but Pomeroy is more interested in human fornication from a consumerist point of view. “Premarital intercourse does have its definite values as a training ground,” he advises the children, “like taking a car out for a test run before you buy it.” He neglects to mention that couples who fornicate before marriage are much more likely to divorce than couples who are chaste before marriage. (But maybe he likes the idea of a large supply of preowned spouses available at bargain prices.)

After reading such books, one can understand why the schools in New Haven instituted a program to provide condoms to their overstimulated fifth- and sixth-graders. But one wonders if the obvious question was ever asked: “If little boys in fifth and sixth grade are putting on condoms, how old are the girls the condoms will be used on?” Or maybe they figured that with homosexuality and bestiality normalized, the little girls might not be pestered at all.

Are you okay with what is inside “It’s Perfectly Normal” for your child? Are you okay with your children being exposed to this type of book in school?  Author Robie Harris has now updated Perfectly Normal for the 21st Century Learning. which means Common Core. 

national sex standards cover

Please go to page 6 where it says, “The National Sexuality Education Standards were further informed by the work of the CDC’s Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool(HECAT)3; existing state and international education standards that include sexual health content; the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Kindergarten – 12th Grade; and the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, recently adopted by most states.”

These pictures came from an irate mother whose child was exposed to this in school.

It's Perfectly Normal Perfectly Normal2 Perfectly Normal3

Perfectly normal6

Knowledge is power ~ In order to protect your children you must understand what they are being fed in the classroom. It is your responsibility to decide if you want your child to be a victim of the 21st Century Learning experiment or if you believe in the Classical Traditional philosophy  of education. Then it is your responsibility to take action to protect your child. 

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