Voices Empower Projects

An urgent and compelling initiative Alice is launching is the WomenOntheWall.org Pledge which will premiere their latest video before the third and final Presidential debate on foreign policy. It is an innovative and compelling piece that combines the social media engagement techniques developed by Alice Linahan with the forward-thinking technology created by Lee Stranahan, who was featured in the movie OccupyUnmasked.

The Women on the Wall Pledge Initiative

WomenOnTheWall.Org Pledge is motivated by a single issue: National Security threats that face our nation both foreign and domestic. Based on polling in battleground states, women consider national security a “High Priority.” The mission of the Pledge, as well as the forthcoming video, is to strengthen the voices of a broad base of women in the nation who are motivated to protect their families and their communities. This is a target market approach to fostering a dialogue among women.

We are the daughters & granddaughters of the women of America’s GREATEST generation….they answered the call to save America and the world from Hitler’s horrific plan for humanity. Once again, America was awakened. Since 9/11 our nation’s women have been vigilantly standing watch, alerting everyone to the dangers our children, and our homeland faces.


WE are AMERICA’s Women. We’ve come too far~ WE will not back down~ WE will not be silenced~ WE will not submit ~ to ANY law~ to ANY leader~ to ANY religion~ that does not adhere to our Constitution~ to OUR God given rights, of LIFE, LIBERTY, the pursuit of Happiness.

Women On The Wall will fill that vacuum with a powerful, call to action for Women across America to come together to form a wall of security around our Nation to protect our children and grandchildren. “Women On The Wall” is where women will unite and pledge to educate ourselves and others on the serious national security threats our nation faces. We pledge to educate fellow Americans to insure that we will not fall prey to elected leaders and Administrations that do not have America’s best interest at heart.

We will ask women to Join with Us and take their place on the Wall and help secure and save America for generations to come. We ask men to join us by lifting us up onto the wall. Together we can make a difference!

1. Do You Pledge to take time to educate yourself on the serious national security threats our nation faces so that we can protect our country for future generations?

2. Do You Pledge to share information you find about National Security threats America faces with your friends and neighbors?

3. Do You Pledge to ask other women of all faiths, colors and political backgrounds across America to join us on the wall?


Why is the Narrative so Important? This is the one issue that can bring women of all faiths, colors and political backgrounds together to fight for America. This is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue it is an American issue. We are not going to elected and individual to save America, we must save ourselves. In order to accomplish that the American people must be educated on the issue of National Security and the threats we face. WOMEN must STAND together now and demand a safe and secure nation for our families to live and thrive in. Together we can make a difference!!


Avoidable – National Security

WomenOnTheWall.Org Announces the Release of its Newest Video Project on National Security ~ 
Watch the non-interactive version below OR view the immersive interactive version utilizing FACEBOOK CONNECT at: http://www.seeksharestand.com, then please share this exciting new video with your friends and family members. Knowledge is power!


Holding Our State Elected Officials Accountable

In January 2011  Alice Linahan helped bring Tea Parties from across the State of Texas together to hold their elected State Representatives accountable for their vote for the Texas Speaker of the House. Resolute Media Group hosted a Patriot Headquarters/Staging area for the Tea party protest and Speaker Showdown.

Along with WomenOnTheWall.org, Voices Empower produced the following video urging Texas State Representatives not to pledge their support for Speaker Joe Straus in the 2013 Speakers race.


Exposing Corruption in Politics.

Runaway Grand Jury ….. or Runaway Justice?

This project exposes the inaccuracies of previous information concerning the dismissal of the felony indictments handed down by two (2) separate grand juries in this one (1) Harris County arson case and the makeup of the members of the 1st grand jury. Those factors alone are enough to raise eyebrows and questions about what actually happened in this case.

An earlier quote by the jury Foreman indicates how many feel, “If this was David Medina, truck driver, from Baytown, Texas, he would have been indicted 3 months ago.”

The credibility of the 1st grand jury members and the confidence they still have in the indictments they handed down would never been revealed if not for the eight (8) jurors who exhibited the moral clarity to stand on principle and speak about the cronyism and corruption they witnessed in Harris County while serving their community as grand jurors.

Due to employment related issues, four (4) of the grand jurors did not participate in this public education project for fear of retaliation but information concerning their occupations and any information available on GOP bona fides is provided HERE.

Meet the Jurors and other Cast of Characters – you be the judge. Was this a “Runaway Grand Jury” or Runaway Justice?


Citizens Groups Join Pastors to Call on Congresswoman to Apologize

A coalition of concerned citizen groups led by Anita Moncrief founder of Boots of Liberty Task Force (BOLT), Pastor Jim Bowie, Associate Minister at True Life Missionary Baptist Church, Alice Linahan of WomenOnTheWall.org joined together to demand an apology from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18).


For more information please contact Alice Linahan at:

972-322-8313 or alice@voicesempower.com