Keller ISD Proposing Policy Change Aug. 13th to Comply with LGBT and Transgender Movement

By Joel Starnes Aug. 9, 2015

While Keller ISD families were on vacation, the Superintendent and Board of Trustees proposed changes to the anti discrimination policies on the recommendation made by 2 girls claiming discrimination based on their sexual orientation for not being allowed to make a “promposal” on school property, of course it does not matter that all “promposals” on school property are against school policy.

The proposed policy changes redefine the word “Discrimination” throughout to include the new language “gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation”


Those in favor of this policy change argue that it will provide needed protection for “the most persecuted group in the school”. While KISD touts their strong bullying policies, it begs the question that if these current policies are not protecting children now, then how will MORE empty policies further protect children?


We are fighting for the innocence of our children. Have you seen what is happening in school districts like Nevada, Fairfax and Minneapolis. This very policy change has led to unintended consequences, requiring mixed gender bathroom and locker room use as well as explicit sexual orientation education at all school age groups from K – 12.

The KISD General Counsel, Amanda Bigbee, has confirmed “We have worked successfully with transgendered students for many years to ensure they are able to come to school and learn in a safe environment.” Why make the change to the language that, in fact, has the potential to expose our young children to situations they should not have to face?


We urgently need your help to protect our children. We are asking you to step up and help in 3 ways:

  • Plan on attending the Board Meeting on August 13th at 5:50 at the Keller ISD Education Center (the old Rock Gym) 350 Keller Parkway, Keller, Tx 76248


  • Email/Phone the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent, respectfully sharing your concern for the unintended consequences of gender and sexual orientation policy languages.


  • Get the word out to all your Keller ISD friends.

Our local governments are being allowed to “fundamentally change America”, MIS-using the Federal Title IX sexual discrimination laws, please get involved for our children’s sake.



Keller ISD Contact Information:

Board of Trustees
Craig Allen  817-741-6086
Karina Davis  unpublished
Jo Lynn Haussmann  817-938-1900                    
Ruthie Keyes  817-542-5628
Cindy Lotton  817-485-4177            
Brad Schofield  817-431-7090
Jim Stitt  817-223-7209
Randy Reid  817-744-1011    

For reference:

Proposed Policy changes are posted under the agenda packet for the upcoming meeting:

Promposal story:

Minneapolis Schools:

Nevada Schools:

Fairfax, VA: 


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