Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of Education~

By Alice Linahan : Dec. 2014
Jim Messina, Obama’s Campaign Manager said prior to the 2012 election….. “Our opponents can’t match our broad base grassroots support for two reasons. They don’t believe in it and they don’t have any interest in the kind of politics of bringing everyday people together to make real change for the country. They follow the dollars and we follow the energy.” 

Well, Messina may have been right at the time, but as they say…. Times are changing. Now, your messing with our kids. That will not stand. 

More and more parents, grandparents and tax payers are joining the team and taking action by asking these three questions. 

#CANiSEE What you are teaching my child!

  • #CanISee™© WHAT you are teaching my child?  
  • #CanISee™© HOW you are teaching my child?
  • #CanISee™© WHO is benefiting financially from the curriculum on which my child’s teacher is being evaluated? 

A transformation is occurring, but it may not be what Obama and progressives on both sides of the political aisle would have anticipated.

We get it. As Dr. Terrence Moore called us to do- We are ready to Fight for our children’s minds, we will fight for their souls, and we will Fight for America’s stories to be told.

Not only will we stand up against our children being used as human capital for the government, we will not allow their generation as a whole to be set up as slaves for the political elite.

Our children are NOT Common. We demand our tax dollars be used to give the next generation a solid foundational education of reading, writing, Non-CommonCore Math and real history not revisionist history.- An Education of Opportunity, not an education of equity. When everyone preforms equally, no one is pushed to greatness. America’s stories are filled with people free to achieve great things. 

We can see the big picture now and parents, grandparents and tax payers will STAND! For those just coming into the battle here is a breakdown of the big picture currently. 

Fellow Moms in Utah at  have broken it down. Just a side note before you read this. If you are an elected official touting that you passed laws against Common Core and then you turn around, as we have seen in Texas, and pass laws such as HB5, which sets up the same workforce development model of education. We are on to you and we will not buy the propaganda!! Our children are not your human capital, nor are they your guinea pigs for educational products that have not been piloted or proven successful payed for with our tax dollars.  

“The US Department of Education’s website details the four federal education reforms that they are almost done implementing:

1 Adopt College-and-Career Ready standards and high-quality, valid and reliable assessments for all students.
2 Develop and use pre-K through post-secondary and career data systems.
3 Increase teacher effectiveness and ensure equitable distribution of qualified teachers.
4 Turn around the lowest-performing schools.

These reforms sound somewhat innocuous until one starts reading… original source documents. The translation of the reforms appears to be:

1. Adopt 2-year college and job-ready national standards to ensure that college diplomas are “equitable” and more attainable to the masses through a Common Core that is not internationally benchmarked.

Use federally-required Computer Adaptive Tests that will not be accessible to local teachers or administrators — or parents at a set point after they are given. Meanwhile, federal reformers are remaking America’s entire testing system by aligning all K-12 testing — including the GED, SAT and ACT — to Common Core so that subjective questions can assess real world knowledge as the means for social change. This overhaul is being orchestrated by the new head of the College Board, David Coleman, who is considered the architect of Common Core.

2. Develop interoperable data systems to track students from “cradle to career.”

The federal executive branch revised regulations within FERPA —privacy law — so that data tracking could occur without Congressional approvaland so student identifiable data can be shared with stakeholders without parental consent. According to the Data Quality Campaign, student data should be linked with health, social services and criminal justice data systems.

3. Tie teacher pay to student test scores on Common Core tests and redistribute “highly effective” teachers by federal mandate.

Teach for America

The federal government’s idea of “highly effective” teachers means people who complete 5 weeks of training through Teach for America, or teachers who are accredited in programs dedicated to equit, diversity and social justice — not student achievement.)

I just wish this piece was not from Al Jazerra. Where is the media on this issue of veteran teachers being weeded out of the system. FYI~ (The University of Texas at Austin was the biggest contributor to TFA, with 73 graduates.) Don't Teach for America

4. Create new school grading systems to enforce the federal government’s equity measures on schools.

This explains why West High and other outstanding schools recently received failing grades. They are “underperforming” in equity measures. The system is not set up to evaluate the student achievement that local parents value, but rather the equity measures that social justice reformers demand.

The article also points out that since governors were directed by the White House to spend the stimulus funds quickly, the directive “has allowed the federal government to remake K-12 education in three years time without public knowledge, without using our representative form of government and without vetting the ongoing costs to states.”

Read the whole article here:

Call to Action~

Seek the Truth, Share and the Truth and STAND UP for your children and grandchildren.   Be like John Saxton and fight back!! 


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Recognizing an American Hero: John Saxon

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What Does a Quality Textbook Look Like?“There’s an interesting new concern being voiced by Common Core leaders: “What does a quality textbook look like?” Here’s a non-nuanced, concrete answer, especially for mathematics textbooks: “It gets results and doesn’t chase kids out of math.” And, yes, such textbooks do exist.”

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