Open Letter to the Argyle ISD School Board- District of Innovation and Data

Dear Argyle ISD School Board and Administration,

The information below is in preparation for the testimony I will give tonight at the May 18th, 2016 school board meeting. 
As a former flight attendant, I keep thinking of the safety training I received in flight school. When jumping out of a plane onto a slide or life raft, to escape the plane safely, we were trained to YELL…. STOP- REMOVE SHOES, DON’T TAKE ANYTHING WITH YOU!!! 


Because you are about to jump onto a slide or raft that you and others following you have to jump onto. To escape safely, you must STOP and think- what are the obstacles ahead, that you, in your panic to fix things will not see or think about that not only could harm or kill you, but could harm or kill those who follow you.

So as a trained safety expert and MOM, I am YELLING ….. STOP…… VOTE NO!!! You do not see what the dangers are ahead.

Our children’s #1 threat, facing them today, is the Federal and State Blackmail that is forcing local school district into submission.

At the school board meeting tonight you will be voting on a resolution to initiate Argyle as a District of Innovation?

Sounds so nice doesn’t it. NOT SO FAST!! STOP!

This comes straight from ALEC and was demanded to be included in the HB1842 conference committee by Dan Patrick and Sen. Larry Taylor, chair of the Senate Education Committee.

Districts of Innovation are, among the reformers, on both sides of the political aisle, pushing the idea of ‘schools of choice’, Much the same as charters and online schools.


As Lamar Alexander stated in his key not address to the Brookings Institute in 2015.


“School districts across America are transitioning from the traditional model of assigning students to a school based on their residential address to a system that allows families a choice of schools. Depending on the district, families can choose public charter schools, affordable private schools, magnet schools, virtual schools, and regular public schools.” 

While parents across the country are becoming more and more concerned with the issue of the Federal Government monitoring, tracking and collecting data on our children, it is very alarming to learn that Brookings also has a Center for Universal Education that partners with UNESCO for the UN education agenda where there is a focus on “Global Tracking” and the need to support development of more robust systems for assessing learning outcomes.

STOP!! The End Game is actually a public/private partnership with MORE FEDERAL GRANTS TO CONTROL EDUCATION?

Unlike the free economy, this is a public/private partnership where the state and federal government picks the winners and the losers.

The Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) Grant Program from the National Center for Educational Statistics and the Department of Education is alive and well looking to have access to every child in the united states.  Do you really believe becoming a “District of Innovation will establish “local control”?

The Brookings Institute informs us that “With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), state education agencies (SEAs) and local education agencies (LEAs) need to make evidenced-based decisions for students”. 

Looking at the agenda items you will be voting on tonight. The state and federal government is controlling you, our locally elected school board.

Tonight, at the Argyle ISD School Board meeting there is an agenda item to Consider and Approve Region XI Contracts. This is the Education Service Center that has access to our children and their teacher’s private data. This is an important agenda item that must be discuss and clearly understood before any contracts are renewed. 

As stated in this post…. This is the End Game! MORE FEDERAL GRANTS TO CONTROL EDUCATION?

“Better decisions require better information. This principle lies at the heart of the Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) Grant Program. Through grants and a growing range of services and resources, the program has helped propel the successful design, development, implementation, and expansion of K12 and P-20W (early learning through the workforce) longitudinal data systems.”
Through this grant program, aimed at state Longitudinal Data Systems, will this be the fail-safe, lock-in for total control of the student?    Keep the definition of “Scientific Communism” in mind when reading the ramifications of the Grant Program.

Scientific communism was one of the three major ingredients of Marxism-Leninism as taught in the Soviet Union in all institutions of higher education and pursued in the corresponding research institutions, and departments. The discipline consisted in investigation of laws, patterns, ways, and forms of class struggle, socialist revolution, and development of socialism and construction of communism.  Passing exams in scientific communism was an obligatory prerequisite in obtaining any postgraduate scientific degree in the Soviet Union; see “Kandidat” article for details.” [Emphasis,Ed.]

Through this national program, emanating from the Department of Education, Grants are being made to the states to implement this system for work-force training for K-P20W. 

Think I am crazy? 

Remember when I sent you this Open letter stating….

After doing the PIR (Public Information Request) and receiving the information linked to the graphic below, I have great concerns regarding not only the privacy of my children and their teacher’s private personal data based on the contract with Education Service Center 11 for the Eduphoria products, but also what type of assessments and data will be collected and administered daily during their class activities.
 Linked is a new Taxonomy by Robert Marzano schools and districts are being urged to use to turn students into Self-Systems, where their the “attitudes, beliefs and feelings that determine an individual’s motivation to complete a task” are being tracked and manipulated.
Argyle ISD Contract with Eduphoria
Dr. Wright and Mr. Daniels,
This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code, which guarantees the public’s access to information in the custody of governmental agencies.  I respectfully request copies of the following information:
1. Information to include approved funding and e-mails on all professional development and conferences teachers, administrators, staff and school board members have or will be attending this summer in preparation of the 2015-2016 school year.
2. Copies of any emails relating to (with redacted personal information) and contracts Argyle ISD has executed with third parties who have access to our children and their teacher’s private personal data that includes test scores, non-cognitive assessments, surveys, evaluations and data warehousing for the school district.
Disclosure of this information is in the public interest because providing a copy of the information primarily benefits the general public.  Electronic response would be appreciated.
I shall look forward to hearing from you promptly, as specified in the law.
Thank you for your cooperation 
Alice Linahan
 I would like for you to be aware of the following attached documents from Region 11 Eduphoria’s Platform Teaching, Learning, Certification. 
1. The Forethought
The Forethought
2. Aware – Clearly in this document it shows Students will be monitored and an individual portfolio on a child is being produced and housed.
Region 11 AWARE
3. Thrive –
Thrive - ESC 11
As a parent of a student in Argyle ISD I would like to inform you that I do not give consent for my child’s personal data to be collected and housed with Region 11′s Eduphoria products and I most definitely do not give parental consent for a individual portfolio on my children to be created by any teacher or team of teachers using Region 7′s DMAC solutions product.
In addition I do not want my children working with the STAAR One products provided by ESC11 which are clearly aligned with psychometric testing of Texas children.

Data Analysis / STAAR One

  What resources are incorporated in the STAAR One™ item bank? Items from various assessment sources were considered, including the current EducAide database.
Rigor in Assessment Systemic Response
To assure that the STAAR One assessment item bank is of high quality and reflects the rigor required in STAAR, the development process takes into consideration instructional and assessment research from national level experts and organizations including: Dr. Norman L. Webb, University of Wisconsin–Depth of Knowledge, defining and identifying rigor and cognitive complexity in assessment; the psychometric properties of tests; test item development; item rigor refinement, and maximal accessibility. Research and application of effective instructional practices and cognitive and knowledge taxonomies were incorporated. Teams of master educators in STAAR assessed content areas/grade levels participating in the STAAR One item bank development project.


From the research I have done Dr. Norman L. Webb’s “Depth of Knowledge” is tied directly to PSYCHOSOCIAL PROFILING & MANIPULATION – Ralph Tyler (the “father” of behavioral objectives, a concept he frequently used in asserting learning to be a process through which a person attains new patterns of behavior. He was who originally created Learning Objectives, which his student and good friend turned into Outcomes Based Education. Which is now called Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge and has been incorporated into both the SBAC and PARCC Common Core assessments. Scheming ideas never go away. They simply get new masking names like Higher Order Thinking Skills.”


Governor Abbott’s newly appointed Commissioner of Education is advocating the state have formalized standards and assessments evaluating and collecting data on the social and emotional state of Texas students? Basically psychologically profiling students for the workforce. Just listen to this short video to hear exactly what he said….

Next Generation Assessments and Accountability


This is very interesting because it is exactly the same thing pushed as part of the “New Common Core” as stated by Rep. Tim Ryan – Ohio while debating the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA).

Why is Abbott appointed Commissioner, Mike Morath now suggesting the “Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability” fall in line with the federal mandates of ESSA? HHMMMM Click link to this youtube and you will understand more.

Thank you for your time and attention to these matters that effect all of our children.
Alice Linahan
Argyle Parent
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