Show Us The Money – TEA & ESC

By Janice VanCleave –  Teachers attending the sessions would leave with a scope of the TEKS (descriptions of the TEKS for the grades and subjects they teach).

With information about the TEKS and their school calendar, teachers would have all the tools they need to develop a sequence (yearly schedule) for each subject.

During the senate ed committee meeting, the superintendents didn’t say a thing about this material. In fact they gave testimony that without CSCOPE they have no specifics about the TEKS.

The ESCs had to have spent much time developing TEKS training material for K-12 in all subjects.

What is the difference in the CSCOPE scopes and sequences and the TEKS Profession Development Initiatives scopes and sequences?

Every Texan needs to know just how their tax money is being spent. Every Texan needs to know that those in charge of the ESCs are not being governed and are free to spend our tax money as they see fit.

Every Texan needs to contact their ESC and ask for original copies of the TEKS Professional Development Initiatives paid for by a $32 million grant–their tax money provides this.

Rider42 Texas Professional Development Research Study

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