The Immigration Crisis is Victimizing the Tax Payer

By George H. Rodriguez 

Last Saturday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced that as many as 2000 illegal alien minors would be coming to Dallas County to be sheltered indefinitely. His announcement highlights the problems taxpayers will be facing in communities across the nation.

First, there is the ridiculous comment by politicians that local taxpayers will not pay for the cost, but rather the “federal government will be responsible for the cost”. Excuse me…but where do these politicians believe the federal government, or the state and local governments, get their money? All that money comes from tax payers. They will pay the bill.

The next question is what is the tax payer funding? Besides paying for the normal apprehension and processing by the Border Patrol, because these minors will be in the U.S. for an indefinite period of time, they must be housed, fed, clothed, educated, and provided medical care. Local communities are already being impacted as the City of Hidalgo ran up a bill of $68,000 in ten days for provide only port-o-potty services and bus transportation for illegal aliens being processed in their community. Local communities will see the bills for their public schools, public housing, and public health care system rise.

Third is who is getting this money. America already has a robust and ever growing “poverty industry”. This industry is comprised of federal, state, and local agencies and nonprofit groups who provide social services. An October 2012 report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) indicated that as of 2011, federal spending on these programs had reached $746 billion per year. Much of this money went to programs that duplicate each other or that are not properly audited for accountability. The Heritage Foundation has estimated that each illegal alien student cost the tax payer an average $12,300 per year. If you multiply that figure by 50,000 minors, the cost soars to $615 million to for one year of education. Nonprofits groups and social service agencies are “anxious to help”, and of course arguing the need to keep the minors in the U.S. indefinitely for “humanitarian reasons”.

In a time when tax payers are saddled with an $18 trillion federal debt, a Texas state debt of $341 billion, and a local total debt of $192.7 billion (as of 2011 according to the Texas Comptroller’s report), can we afford to take on the burden of people who willfully broke the law to enter our country?

Furthermore, let us also not forget that, according to, Mexico received $265 million, Guatemala received $84 million, Honduras got $52 million, and El Salvador received $27 million in foreign aid from the U.S. in 2013. How much more must the tax payer pay? How about we use this money to buy tickets to return the illegals, and to secure the border to keep more from entering?

Politicians and the mainstream media have played this event as a “humanitarian crisis” and portray the illegal aliens as “victims”. It is obvious the state and federal governments have failed us, while the poverty industry is preying on us. If there is any victim is this crisis, it is the tax payer. Aren’t we “Tax Enough Already”? Wake up America! The defense of liberty and freedom starts in your backyard. Listen and Learn 


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