What Do You Think Memorial Day Was All About?

Now is not the time to give in~ The Texas Legislature has gone into a Special Session and now is the time to Fight to KEEP TEXAS STRONG!! 

JoAnn FlemingAs JoAnn Fleming said in her latest call to action…….

It’s time to make your voice heard…again! Folks, we have to fight until there are no more options available. Do not just sit back and let this happen without a whimper! To those who are “exhausted,” remember that George Washington and his rag-tag group of patriots were tired, had no shoes, barely any clothes or weapons, and were up to their waists in snow…and they fought on.

What do you think Memorial Day was all about? Do you think the American Soldier gets tired? If we are to keep Texas strong, we must take action. If some of us can work unpaid and spend our household money to stay in Austin when we’d rather be home with our families, and spend countless hours reading these bills, studying the budget, arguing with legislators, and sending out these calls to action, you can make a phone call!

Texas Legislature’s Wild Spending Spree Passes…26% increase!
 Over the Memorial Day weekend, the GOP-controlled Texas legislature passed appropriation bills and a 2014-2015 budget that combine to increase spending 26%!

No matter how the state Republican Party and the House and Senate leadership spin it, they’ve increased spending 26%.   In 2011, lawmakers spent a grand total of $84 billion (this does not even include dedicated or federal funds). In the 2013 regular session which just ended yesterday, your legislature spent more than $106 billion

The record vote has not yet been certified, but the unofficial record shows 29 legislators voted against the budget (Senate Bill 1) and HB 1025 (big spending supplemental bill that also raids the Rainy Day Fund).  For the budget bill, there were 28 Republicans voting no and one Democrat casting a no vote.  On the giant spending supplemental HB 1025, there were 29 Republican no votes, and 11 absences – many Republicans.  Bottom line – only about 1/3 of the Republicans voted against the spending spree.  When the record vote is certified, we will send out the list of how your legislators voted.
Major conservative and local grassroots liberty groups have united and are calling on Governor Perry to veto the budget and a major supplemental spending bill that raids the state’s Rainy Day Fund – HB 1025.    The groups are calling on the Governor to bring the legislators back to a special session to cut spending.  
Please do our your part by calling Gov. Perry now to say:
1) you don’t support a 26% increase in spending.  In the 2012 Republican Primary, 94% of voters voted for the Proposition that called for government to cut spending! (The 26% spending increase covers all the new appropriations bills AND the budget, when combined and compared to last session. These numbers have been verified by Texas Public Policy Foundation and Grassroots America.)
2) veto HB 1025 which raids the Rainy Day Fund and the budget (SB 1);
3) bring the legislature back to the drawing board to cut spending and fully fund your proposed tax cut of $1.8 billion.  Texans don’t need, don’t want, and don’t deserve wild, liberal spending like this!  Governor Perry has the power to stop it, and he should!
Gov. Perry’s numbers:  (512) 463-2000  and (512) 463-1782 and (800) 843-5789
[Online form for written feedback:]
Call now!  The Governor is signing bills as we speak.
Fight for a Strong Texas…Speak UP now!   Thank you…JoAnn & the TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee.
Need a picture?  See The Budget Truth Spending Chart, courtesy of Chuck Devore & the Texas Public Policy Foundation:

Spending and Tax cut copy

“God save Texas from vain, corrupt politicians and from the apathetic who sit back and let them rule!”- JoAnn Fleming Executive Director (volunteer), Grassroots America – We the People 

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