5 Mins Can Impact a Lifetime for Countless Children

Step Forward for Orphans March

“I took 5 Minutes, the question is… Will YOU? Then I hope to see you in Washington DC!” ~ Alice Linahan (

The words of Craig Juntunen ~ “Stop for one minute, consider how 5 minutes of your life can impact a lifetime for countless kids” ~ 

Founder;  Both Ends Burning Campaign 

Who is Craig Juntunen? 
Craig Juntunen
Craig JuntunenCraig Juntunen is the founder and president of the Both Ends Burning Campaign. A child welfare advocate and a passionate believer in international adoption, Juntunen is the author of Both Ends Burning: My Story of Adopting Three Children from Haiti. Juntunen leads the campaign’s effort to build a social movement to enact real and lasting change for the world’s orphaned and abandoned children. In his early life, Juntunen was involved heavily in athletics, playing quarterback for a total of 14 seasons. He finished his athletic career as a quarterback in the Canadian Football League. He was elected into the State of Idaho Athletic Hall of Fame and the University of Idaho Hall of Fame. His experience as a leader on the football field led to his developing into an entrepreneur. He built and sold a company with a very successful track record and temporarily retired. His experience as a quarterback and as an entrepreneur blended together to form philanthropic passions. He has been involved in many charitable giving efforts, and until recently, his most notable achievement was launching the Chances for Children foundation, which supports villages in Haiti and has placed more than 100 children in adoptive families in the last three years. 
Well now that you know about Craig Juntunen you need to know…. the rest of the story! STUCK
STUCK is a new award-winning documentary film, produced by Both Ends Burning that uncovers the personal, real-life stories of children and parents navigating a roller-coaster of bureaucracy on their journeys through the international adoption system, each filled with hope, elation – and sometimes heartbreak.” 

Left Right Left Right Forward March!

I became aware of this project through my friend Foster Friess whose new initiative  LeftRightLeftRightForwardMarch! is a major supporter of “STUCK”

What I love about   LeftRightLeftRightForwardMarch! is the objective is about finding common ground between the Left and the Right with the intention of bringing attention to ideas on which both sides agree. To me it is like Pat Caddell says…. “I am not a Democrat or a Republican I am an AMERICAN!” 

As I have said many times when speaking across this country…. “We are not going to elect someone to safe us, we must save ourselves and the only way to do that is to get education on the issues and find solutions.  

So let’s talk solutions. 

#1 Sign this petition 

Petitioning The President of the United States

The Step Forward for Orphans March in Washington, D.C. on May 17th is just 10 days away and we need your help NOW! Now is the time for you to Impact Countless children for a lifetime as Craig says… Go to, click on sign the petition, sign it and then tell your 10 closest friends and family members to do the same thing.  If each volunteer (over 800) and each person who has seen the film (over 7,000) did this, we would have another 390,000 signatures. The laws currently in place are not in the best interests of these children. The red tape and bureaucracy in place is shutting off international adoption for the kids we are fighting for that need a family. The love of a family is very significant to the success of any child’s life. If this was your child, you would do it now and and you would do everything in your power to protect your child. Consider the facts that even if you are not an adoptive family or don’t know anyone who has adopted, these kids are your kid’s friends, classmates, your neighbors children, or your co-workers kids. Surely, the love and concern for those people deserve the 5 minutes out of your day to go on line and sign the petition now!



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