#CanISee Documentation of the Piloted Common Core/Career And College Ready Program?

No because it has never been Piloted and proven successful! 

Our kids are not guinea pigs for the latest Education Fad pushed on Teachers through their Professional Development. Race To the Top SCHEME……. 

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Question- why are Texas School Districts going directly to the Federal Government for Race To The Top grant money?

Answer – They have been trained to do so through marketing and professional development……. They have been trained not to be critical thinkers but academic professionals.  If we do not stop it we are allowing them to train our children not to be critical thinkers as well. 

Below are excerpts from an article by Donna Garner and Henry Burke-  The Race to the Top Scheme 

Let’s pose a question.  If you wanted to “sell” something that a number of people did not need, how would you do it?  You might try setting up a contest where everyone competes for a significant financial prize.  After all, Americans love to compete, especially when money goes to the winner. 

Here are the contest details:  The competitors are strapped for cash; the competitors must give up some of their prized possessions in order to qualify; and the game organizers do not announce all of the rules until the game is well underway. How fair does this sound?

This is exactly what Barack Obama and U. S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have done with Common Core Standards (CCS) and Race to the Top (RTTT). 

Under Obama and Duncan, the federal takeover of our schools is rapidly spreading across our nation.  

It is not too late for the “contestants” to quit playing this game.  States that have taken no federal Common Core Standards (CCS) money can drop out of the game.  Even states that have received some of their Race to the Top funds could make a plea to Congress to pass a “hold harmless” clause that would allow these states some relief.

The questions that states must answer are, “Do we really want the federal government taking control of our public schools?  How much will it cost the cash-strapped states to handle the extra expense of  CCS / RTTT?”

The U.S. Department of Education created the Race to the Top program under the Stimulus Bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or ARRA) in early 2009.  With a federal grant of $4.35 billion, Arne Duncan had a very large “carrot” to lure the states to enter the competition. 

Have you ever been in a game where the game organizer made up the rules while the game was being played?  That is what the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) did in Race to the Top.  The Department issued numerous rules, corrections, and modifications while the competition was underway. 

Duncan waited until the state contracts were signed before he made the rest of the plan clear:  States would have to adopt the Common Core Standards (national standards) in order to qualify for Race to the Top funds.  Other “surprises” included national assessments, national curriculum, and an elaborate national tracking system to link student assessment scores to individual teachers.

The games go on and now the contestants are your local public school districts in states that would not join the game in the first round.

Specifically Texas! 

How are they Turning Texas Blue through Education? 

Race to the Top! 

“Did you know that on Nov. 14, 2012, Texas had the largest number of educational entities that had applied for the direct-to-locals Common Core Standards/Race to the Top grants? These include a total of 113 Texas ISD’s, charter schools, and regional education service centers  – separately or through joint applications.” 

If you are a parent and/or a taxpayer, you need to contact your school district and/or regional education service centers if they are on the following list.  Please tell them how outraged you are that they are applying for the direct-to-locals RTTT (Race To The Top) grants which would require the teaching of the Common Core philosophy of education to Texas children. This is about the way teachers are teaching not the TEKS which are the Texas standards they are required by law to teach.   Explain that if they should be selected by the USDOE (The US Department of Education) to receive the RTTT grants that you will make it a public crusade to warn the parents that their children are at risk because the Common Core philosophy/RTTT will not get Texas school children prepared for the new STAAR/End-of-Course tests.

In 2012, only two Texas education entities (i.e., public schools, charter schools, education service centers) were awarded funds under the federal government’s first round of the Race to the Top Game in Texas– District grant (RTT-D1).  These were the Harmony and Idea Charter Schools. (8.15.13 – “Dilemma for Turkish Gulen Harmony Charter Schools…” – by Donna Garner —
This year (FY 2013), however, 81 Texas education entities have applied for the RTT-D2 grants.  Finalists will be announced by Dec. 31, 2013. 

Below is the LIST OF TEXAS EDUCATION ENTITIES THAT HAVE APPLIED FOR THE 2013 RTT-D2 GRANTS, as published by the U.S. Department of Education on October 4

Please Take Note! 

The inclusion of the Region 1, 5  and 12 Education Service Centers means that all of the ISD’s in that region will be “infected” with the Common Core Standards if that ESC wins the grant.
Call to ACTION! If your school district is on the RTT-D2 list, Please contact the teachers in your districts and get them to fill out the AFT survey- Listen below to find out why! 

Districts listed in regular type, under another district’s name appearing in bold, are part of a consortium of districts applying together for one shared grant):

Abilene Independent School District Texas
Aubrey Independent School District Texas
Argyle ISD Texas
Calallen ISD Texas
Celina ISD Texas
Everman ISD Texas
Grand Prairie ISD Texas
Krum ISD Texas
Lake Dallas ISD Texas
Marble Falls ISD Texas
Mart ISD Texas
Odem-Edroy ISD Texas
Pilot Point ISD Texas
Stamford ISD Texas
Taft ISD Texas
Bryan ISD Texas
Crockett ISD Texas
Goodrich ISD Texas
Clear Creek Independent School District Texas
Dallas Independent School District Texas
DeSoto ISD Texas
Edgewood Independent School District of San Antonio Texas
Carrizo Springs CSID Texas
Cotulla ISD Texas
Devine ISD Texas


Eagle Pass ISD Texas
La Pryor ISD Texas
Natalia ISD Texas
Pearsall ISD Texas
Poth ISD Texas
Edinburg Consolidated Ind. School District Texas
Education Services Center Region 12 Texas
Connally ISD Texas
La Vega ISD Texas
Waco Independent School District Texas
Galveston ISD Texas
Harlingen CISD Texas
Houston Independent School District Texas
La Joya Independent School District Texas
Lubbock-Cooper ISD Texas
Bovina ISD (BoISD) Texas
Brownfield ISD (BrISD) Texas
Dimmitt ISD (DISD) Texas
Farwell ISD (FaISD) Texas
Floydada ISD (FlISD) Texas
Hale Center ISD (HCISD) Texas
La Feria ISD (LFISD) Texas
Levelland ISD (LeISD) Texas
Littlefield ISD (LiISD) Texas
Meridian ISD (MISD) Texas
O’Donnell ISD (OISD) Texas
Petersburg ISD (PISD) Texas
Seagraves ISD (SeISD) Texas
Slaton ISD (SlISD) Texas
Smyer ISD (SmISD) Texas
South Plains Academy (SPA) Texas
Mabank Independent School District Texas
Monte Alto Independent School District Texas
Lasara ISD Texas
Santa Maria ISD Texas
Pasadena Independent School District Texas
Region 5 Education Service Center Texas
Burkeville ISD Texas
High Island ISD Texas
Newton ISD Texas
West Hardin ISD Texas
Region One Education Service Center (ESC1) Texas
Brownsville ISD Texas
Donna ISD Texas
Freer ISD Texas
Lyford CISD Texas
San Isidro ISD Texas


Sharyland ISD Texas
Weslaco ISD Texas
Rio Grande City C.I.S.D. Texas
San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Texas
Santa Rosa ISD Texas
Rio Hondo ISD Texas
United Independent School District Texas
Uplift Education – Peak Preparatory Texas
 Vancouver (Washington) Public Schools
Piedmont City Schools Alabama
Joint School District No. 2 Idaho
Utica Community Schools Michigan
Mooresville Graded School District North Carolina
Horry County Schools South Carolina
McAllen Independent School District Texas

#CanISee Backpacks and Boot on the Ground in Queen City, Texas

Parents in Queen City, Tx and the surrounding communities are saying….

#CanISee what and how you are teaching my children in Texas Schools. 

Public – Private and Charter Schools

#CanISee Backpack and Boots on the Ground

A community Meeting is scheduled and your children or grandchildren need you to be there.

Saturday morning from 10am to 12pm Women On TheWall will be hosting a #CanISee Community Meeting to address CSCOPE/Common Core in our schools and how it is affecting Texas Children. 

The Fundamental Transformation in Texas Education –
Fed Led Ed and how it is getting into Texas Schools! 
From CSCOPE to Common Core 

Join us and invite a Teacher! Their insight and Wisdom are appreciated! 

The presentation will be in the Queen City Funeral Home chapel. Rest assured it is not creepy and it will be worth your time to protect the next generation of Texans! 

Queen City Funeral Home

10am – 12pm 

421 Loop 236

Queen City, Texas 

Protect Texas Children

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