#CanISee™© hits the Patriots Rally for Freedom – Sat. March 15th

Patriots Rally for Freedom

I am honored to be a part of  the Patriots Rally 4 Freedom event, in Martindale, Texas on March 15 , 2014, at the Cool River Ranch. Gates open at 10 am.

I am scheduled to speak around 2:00. I would love to see you there!!  

I’ve been asked to speak on Common Core – Education in Texas, how it is being used to turn Texas Blue and what we as Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Tax Payers can do to draw a line in the sand and Give the Gift of American Exeptionalism Back to the Next Generation.  


Join the movement…  

CanISee movement

WomenOnTheWall™ has launched the #CanISee™© Campaign calling on Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Tax payers to give the gift of American Exceptionalism to the next generation by going into their child’s classroom to ask these three questions.
  • #CanISee™© WHAT you are teaching my child?
  • #CanISee™© HOW you are teaching my child?
  • #CanISee™© WHO is benefiting Financially from the curriculum my child’s teacher is being evaluated on?


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