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Well I had an interesting day. I was called a right wing bigot by a teacher who is the admin for BAT (Badass Teachers Association). I was also banned from the BAT closed face book group. What is sad is, I know there are some amazing teachers across this country who are daily having their voices silenced, just like I was silenced today. 

Here was an e-mail exchange I had with the Group administrator. 

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She was right on one point. I am not a teacher in a school. I am a parent who is responsible for the education of my 3 children. I am responsible for teaching them right from wrong. She is a teacher who is paid with tax payers dollars who is telling me that my views and philosophies do not align with the BAT Teachers association. HHMMMM Interesting! 

Here was my response to the BAT Teacher….. 

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Please excuse my misspell. I was on my smart phone that makes me look really stupid sometime. LOL 

Here was the BAT Teachers response…..  

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Well it seems as though the BAT teacher does not like that I posted our e-mail exchange. 

I was speaking tonight in Dallas and was preparing for that event and did not see all her messages to me. Apparently she is desperate for me to remove her name and photo from my blog post. Here are her latest e-mails. I have drawn a line through her name and photo. I guess she is not proud of what she wrote and does not want it out publicly. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 11.45.46 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-30 at 11.46.20 PM 

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So as to not cause a ruckus I have redacted her name and Xed her photo to hide her identity. 

Why does this bother me so much? Actually it is the language and what I see happening on the ground across the nation, even in Texas, a state that said NO to Common Core.  

Here is how it all started……

This video was posted:  

To which I responded…  

Can you tell me where affirmative action has been successful? I wrote more than that but I was booted out so quickly that I did not screen shot it in time.

I also posted this video of my dear friend Acorn Whistle Blower Anita Moncrief.

Well that really got the conversation going… Apparently they did not like that I thought children should be taught reading and writing instead of how to use the race card. They said I was a bigot who was against black students and helping the poor and those in poverty.

To which I responded….. 

Well that really put them over the top and they threw me out of the Facebook group. 

What many parents across this country do not understand is the big picture of what is actually happening on the ground in their child’s classroom and how Teachers are being trained through their professional development.

Remember in Texas we said NO to the Common Core. But the Common Core/Career and College Ready philosophy of dumbing down our children is actually being developed in Austin, Tx at the Dana Center. Many parents have their kids coming home with Reform Math and they have no idea what it is about and how to help their child with it. My question is…. 

Why are teachers being trained to teach Democracy in MATH? 

Isn’t it about numbers not agendas. Oh and aren’t we a Republic? Texans this is from the Dana Center in Austin, Tx. Think we don’t have Common Core philosophy in Texas Schools? “Think Again”


Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 12.07.33 AM

FED LED ED is not just in public schools it is in every curriculum product being made. It is time to face reality and look at the tactics and strategies of how this is being implemented and learn to expose the corruption and fight back. Together we have the power to stop this!!


Those teachers who do not conform are being booted out. Veteran teachers are leaving in very large numbers… WHY…

Maybe this will help parents to understand. First of all they are being trained to be Change Agents. NO LIE. I was at and followed closely the Learning forward Conference in Grapevine, Tx. where I heard Texas curriculum directors call themselves change agents. 

After hearing Pedro Antonio Noguera

“Dr. Noguera received his bachelors’ degree in Sociology and History and a teaching credential from Brown University in 1981 and earned his masters’ degree in Sociology from Brown in 1982.  Dr. Noguera earned his doctorate in Sociology from the University of California at Berkeley in 1989.  He was a classroom teacher in public schools in Providence, RI and Oakland, CA and continues to work with schools nationally and internationally as a researcher and advisor.  He has held tenured faculty appointments at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (2000-2003), where he was named the Judith K. Dimon Professor of Communities and Schools and at the University of California, Berkeley (1990-2000), where he was also the Director of the Institute for the Study of Social Change.” 


…a former young curriculum developer and teacher told us she was so inspired by Pedro who empowered her to be an advocate for her students even when their parents did not agree with what they were being taught.  

HMMMM-  as a parent what happened to my rights? 

Now let’s take a deeper look at the bigger picture.

It is all about Strategies, Tactics and Agendas 

Watch this short video where I describe who the Green, Yellow and Red People are and then let’s talk about agendas of those different types of people in education today.  

After hearing Brandon’s story Donna Garner did and excellent job of breaking down who the Green,  Yellow and Red people are in Education today.


 By Donna Garner

Generally, I believe there are two different types of philosophies of education; and nearly all educators, curriculum, vendors, organizations, and advocacy groups fall into one of these two categories.  (3.3.13 — “Type #1 and Type #2 — Two Completely Different Philosophies of Education” —

 Type #1 Philosophy of Education: Knowledge-based, academic, clearly worded, grade-level-specific content that is tested largely through objectively scored tests  

Type #1 standards could be referred to as the traditional method – the method of teaching that people perhaps 50 years old and older experienced when they were in school.  This included the teaching of phonics, grammar, correct usage/spelling, cursive handwriting, classical literature, expository/persuasive/research writing, the four math functions taught to automaticity, fact-based and discreet courses in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus, U. S. History, World History, Botany, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.   

(2) Type #2 Philosophy of Education (adopted in July 1997 and reflected in the TEKS and TAKS) — Project-based, subjective (emphasize cognitive domain – beliefs, opinions, emotions), subjectively assessed based upon the value system of the evaluator — emphasize multiculturalism, political correctness,  environmental extremism, diversity, social justice agenda  — These standards are built backwards from Grade 12 down to K (similar to trying to build a house from the roof down) and are taught mostly using the constructivist (project-based) approach.

Type #2 can be seen in Obama’s social justice agenda (i.e., Common Core Standards) that includes an emphasis on subjectivity, feelings, emotions, beliefs, multiculturalism, political correctness, social engineering, globalism, evolution, sexual freedom/contraceptives instead of abstinence, environmental extremism, global warming, victimization, diversity, an acceptance of the normalcy of the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender lifestyle, redistribution of wealth, a de-emphasis on — factual knowledge, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers, and American exceptionalism.  

 Next, there are also three different types of individuals involved; and we can see this all across America.

The “green” people are those who go-along to get-along; they go with the status quo and are content to follow whatever teaching fad is in vogue at the present time. These people are not bad people but are easily deceived by those who have ulterior motives (e.g., drive-by media, national educator organizations, Politicians on both sides of the political aisle, CSCOPE, Common Core Standards). 

The “yellow” people are those who are driven by greed, money, power, and fame. Many of these people are vendors, lobbyists, or school employees who look past the egregious content of their products so long as they themselves are benefitting.  Into this group fall some CSCOPE/TESCCC/ESC employees, Thomas Ratliff, Mike Moses, Pat Jacoby, TASA, TASB, etc. 

The “red” people know exactly what they are doing. They have long-term goals to change America, and they realize that the best way to do this is to indoctrinate this and succeeding generations of school children in their classrooms.  Into this group fall such people as Obama, Arne Duncan, Linda Darling-Hammond, Bill Ayers, the National Education Organization, and many other far left leaning progressives.

Politicians can come in all different colors – green, yellow, and red. Those who blindly follow are green. Those who seek fame, fortune, and/or control for themselves are yellow. Those whose aim is to change America from a capitalist, free-market Republic into a Socialist, Communist, Marxist country are red.

I do not believe that very many of our Texas Legislators fall into the “red” category, but

I do believe many of them do fall into the “green” or “yellow” categories.

My question is where does this leave Parents, Teachers and the kids who are depending on them to protect them from the GREEN, YELLOW and RED people? 

As we move forward in school reform and fundamentally transforming education in America I pray parents and grandparents will give the “Gift of American Exceptionalism” back to their child or grandchild. To do this we must go into our children’s school and say….. 

Can I see Photo cover

#CanISee WHAT you are teaching my child, #CanISee HOW you are teaching my child and #CanISee WHO is financially benefiting from the curriculum products my child’s teacher is being evaluated on. 
To follow the movement building a coalition of parents and teacher to give the gift of  ”American Exceptionalism” to the next generation follow the hashtag #CanISee on Twitter. 
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