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I received a call from an elected official tonight who wanted me to know he was running for higher office and wanted to set up a time to talk about it. I said that I would be more than happy to do that and we moved onto the topic of the race for Lt. Governor. I stated I had a challenge because he and I were supporting different candidates in the Lt. Governor’s race. He was supporting Dan Patrick and I am supporting Lt. Governor David Dewhurst.

I voiced concern about the false narrative sighted below coming out of the latest grassroots debate in Tyler, TX. I personally think it was a cheap shot. Be sure and read where David Dewhurst was before you buy into the narrative quoted below. 

Wow! We hear you loud and clear Mr. Dewhurst!
Your campaign said you had to miss the Tyler debate because of a scheduling conflict.
You missed your job interview with us. 
That’s right – since you are asking to be re-elected, sir, we held a job interview for candidates who will appear on the Republican ballot for lieutenant governor.
You. Missed. It. Again…just as you missed it when you ran for the US Senate last year. 
We wondered where our Lt. Governor was on Saturday instead of presenting himself to take tough questions on important issues. The job interview session was broadcast on T-SPAN and is being archived on grassroots conservative web sites all across Texas. There were watch parties. You missed all of them. We wondered why, and now we know! Ms. Hutchison tweeted the answer! You were living large with Speaker Joe Straus at an event far more important than your job interview.Thanks, Kay! Your tweet says it all…

I contacted David Dewhurst personally to find out why in the world he was in a picture with Conservative Grassroots enemy #1 in Texas- Speaker Joe Straus.

After all I was apart of a team who put together the last 2 Speaker Showdowns in addition to producing the No Pledge to Straus video with WomenOnTheWall


Here is the accurate story about Dewhurst’s no show and the Straus photo…….

Did you know that…..
David Dewhurst1. David Dewhurst’s wife Patricia and both of her parents went to UT. The UT-OU game is a family tradition and has been for many years. David Dewhurst spent the day with his family going to the game in addition to going to the Texas state fair with his 9 yr. old daughter. His scheduling conflict was so he could be with his daughter for one of her favorite times of the year, a tradition she shares with her parents- Family traditions do matter! 
Dewhurst declined the Tyler invitation long before even the Clear-lake debate because he knew that his families tradition was more important than one debate.  He has been at 4 debates in the last 2 weeks and has many more debates and candidate forums on his schedule in the coming months. 
As someone who has been in the grassroots trenches and understands what it is like to prioritize family and politics I appreciate why he did not attend this debate and would have done the same thing. 
2. Jerry Patterson had told the Dewhurst team he was not attending and Patterson said Staples was not attending either. The election is not until March. I could understand if the election was weeks away but in my opinion it is to early for these kind of gotcha tactics.  
3.Kay Baily Hutchinson is who grabbed the Lt. Governor to request a photo op. Out of respect he did not tell her no and just as they were taking the photo she pulled Joe Straus into the picture. Instead of making a scene David Dewhurst smiled. As an elected official he is asked countless times a day to take photos with people. Many of whom he may not agree with politically. 
I believe this campaign must be about real issues not gotcha moments. I would implore folks to listen to these men and decide for themselves based on what matters. For me it is results. That is what I have seen on the education front behind the scenes. David Dewhurst has surrounded himself with a new team since the Cruz battle and I can assure you his door is open to the grassroots. 
Another challenge I have with this particular debate situation. It is one thing to come out- endorse a candidate and stand with them on issues and debate which candidate will serve and defend Texas. That is what we are all in the process of doing. That is why the Republican primary is so important. If we do not vet these candidate honestly our children will be the real victims as the next generation living with the consequence of bad policy or legislation.
 Now is the time for truth- not a false narrative  because a candidate did not come to a particular event while pushing out a photo that in my opinion was a set up. Even if it was not a set up do you expect the sitting Lt. Gov. to make a scene and not take a picture when a former US Senator requests one with you.
I have to tell you the elected official I spoke with tonight said it best…. He said, “Alice neither you nor I can get either of these men elected. God is sovereign over all and he is the one in control.
We ended the call agreeing that maybe just maybe God put each of us on different sides of these races to toughen up these candidates and make them earn the trust and vote of “We The People” because come the general election we have got to all be on the same side.
We must be careful not cross the line, I have learned in the past that those are the bridges not worth burning. 
As far as my support for David Dewhurst I believe he has taken the time to earn my support by working behind the scenes to understand the big picture of what is happening with the fundamental take over of Education in America by our federal government. I told him I did not really care about his political career I cared about seeing a Ticked off Dad who was willing to protect Texas Children not only in the womb but in the classroom as well. I have seen that from David Dewhurst. 
Huckabee EndorsementMy challenge with Sen. Dan Patrick is that unlike David Dewhurst he has done things behind the scenes with CSCOPE that have allowed for confusion and manipulation by the left to keep CSCOPE in place. CSCOPE is not gone as he stated publically, it is alive and well and harming Texas children. 
In addition he is pushing and promoting his endorsement by Gov. Mike Huckabee a media figure who is not only promoting Common Core nationally he has written a letter to Oklahoma legislators trying to get them to stand firm with the Common Core standards. With Patrick’s past in working deals behind the scenes with the ESC (Education Service Centers) and CSCOPE I am personally not comfortable with him pushing an endorsement like Huckabee. Obviously he is not understanding the big picture. Common Core is in Texas- it just came in the back door and he helped solidify that. 
From what I know and am learning both Jerry Patterson and Todd Staples have issues with where they stand on immigration which is one of the top issues for the state of Texas to take on. 

Todd Staples has voted to give in-state tuition and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and he also supports legalizing the illegal immigrissues.immigration.01.001ants currently in the country BEFORE the border is fully secure. Of note:


San Antonio Express-News On Staples’ Vote To Give Driver’s Licenses To Illegal Immigrants:


       “Staples, however, has another immigration-related vote from the same year that could also haunt him on the campaign trail: giving the OK to a bill that would have made it easier for undocumented immigrants to get a Texas driver license. Late in the 2001 session, Staples joined 28 other senators to approve legislation that would have allowed the Department of Public Safety to accept foreign birth certificates or foreign passports as valid proof of identification to obtain a driver license. Gov. Rick Perry ended up killing the measure via veto. In an interview, Staples said he doesn’t remember voting on a bill to ease the process for immigrants in the country illegally to obtain a driver license. But he said he opposes the idea now.”


San Antonio Express News On Staples’ Vote To Give In-State Tuition To Illegal Immigrants:

     Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, one of four Republicans running for lieutenant governor, is already coming under fire from opponents for voting as a state senator in 2001 to approve a bill allowing those in the country illegally to pay in-state tuition.


 San Antonio Express-News On Staples’ Support For Legalizing The Illegal Immigrants Currently In The Country: 

·       Staples, who wrote a book on border security and immigration and is touting a six-point plan on the campaign trail, spearheaded a proposal in 2012 by agriculture commissioners from 15 Southern states and territories that asks for more legal workers and a path to “conditional status” for undocumented immigrants.


As Rick Santorum said in the day….. “GameOn”
Now is the time to fight corruption in politics. 

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