Next Generation Learning Standards in Texas (Updated)

Now let’s talk Education! 

As reported by Red Hot Conservative back in July on HB 2824. What was HB2824 all about?

The Next Generation of Learning Standards in Texas. I.E. College and Career Ready/Common Core. 

TASB consortium

Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and Texas Association of School Administrators(TASA) are funded with tax money through local school districts and are behind implementing a progressive TRANSFORMATION of the Texas School System.

Click here to see The New Vision for Public Education in Texas Implementation Rubric

Click on the above  release and you will read in the News Release from TASB stating their agenda to pursue their liberal agenda which was sponsored by “Bennet Ratliff”, whose brother Thomas Ratliff serves on the State Board of Education illegally.” 

Did you know that Sen. Ken Paxton was the Primary sponsor of HB2824 on the Senate side? Sen. Dan Branch was a Co-Sponsor. 

“HB 2824 would have provided space and flexibility to the 23 school districts participating in the Consortium to carry out the research and development necessary to accomplish the goals initially outlined in Senate Bill 1557 to transform public education.”

Ratliff and PaxtonParents what do you think about your kids being used for research and development? As a Texas Parent and Tax Payer I do not want my tax dollars used for research and development using Texas children and their teachers. 

Gov. Rick Perry did Veto HB2824 which was passed by the House and the Senate overwhelmingly. We have since learned he did so because HB5 accomplished the same goal and set up the workforce development model of education in Texas to align with the National College and Career Ready philosophy of education.  

Interesting to note, I found out in listening to the education committee hearings on May 17  Ken Paxton was the only one of the education committee members who was absent the day it was moved out of the committee.  

Also it is interesting to note on May 16th you will here in the audio below who sat in for Paxton when he was not there to present his own bill to the Education Committee. Once again it seems Ken Paxton was out flanked by the left. I am not sure what the strategy was and why his team did not listen to conservative education experts like Donna Garner instead of listening to the education establishment like the Ratliff’s but I think it clearly shows that he is not the right man for Attorney General in Texas. We discussed these bills time and again on the Women On the Wall conference calls. It is ashamed no one from the Paxton Team took the time to listened in. Although they do want our support without questioning them. 

 Did you notice what Sen. Wendy Davis stated as she presented Sen. Ken Paxton’s bill. HB2824. “Next Generation Learning Standards”  They are basically going around the Texas TEKS to implement Common Core/College and Career Ready Standards. One only has to read the talking points from Klien ISD and Coppell ISD to understand there’re plan is implementing new standards to accomplish a Transformation of Texas Education. 

Klein ISD 

Coppell ISD 


So HB2824 would add structure to formerly passed SB1557 for the Transformation of Education in Texas and Republican Ken Paxton was on board. I think this is an issue that should be brought up in public candidate forums. I would like to hear Ken Paxton’s explanation for working with Bennett Ratliff and sponsoring this legislation in the senate. 

The sad reality is HB2824 was one small piece in the education establishment’s strategy of implementing 21st Century/College and Career Ready/Next Generation Learning/Common Core Standards or whatever name they change it to in order to get it into Texas Schools. 

HB5 authored by Sen. Dan Patrick in the Senate and Jimmy Don Aycock in the House really sealed the deal.  

Texas Parents are seeing first hand the ramifications of a Transformation of Texas Education.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.54.08 PMYou think we do not have Common Core in Texas Schools?  Think again: Texas Parents say  ‪#‎CanISee‬™©  and Texas parents are saying NO way are my kids going to be your guinea pigs and NO WAY are my tax dollars going to fund it!!  

As a person who was one of many Grassroots Texans working hard for both Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rick Santorum if you asked me if Ken Paxton should be the next Attorney General just because he seems to be identified by his supporters as the Ted Cruz of Texas? The answer is NO!

I can tell you that Parents, Grandparents and Tax Payers are asking please explain why you are working to bring College and Career Ready/Common Core Standards into Texas Schools? 

How about instead of HB5(Authored by Dan Patrick) and passed by the Texas Legislature unanimously including Ken Paxton we actually teach them math early on so they can go past Algebra 2? HB5 plans to send many Texas Children to vocational training based on assessments after they have been taught College and Career Ready/Common Core Math. You MUST watch this short, 4 minute+ video and SHARE! Dr. Stan Hartzler tells you about his experience with mathematics instruction and the difference between what works and Common Core!


Great real world analysis from a fellow Texan on HB5- 

Kurt Hyde I’d be wary of assigning kids to voc-tech based on an assessment. Where I went to school all 7th graders took IQ tests. I did poorly and was placed in a slightly below average group because of it. I was told it was OK if I didn’t do well. Somebody should have questioned why I was so good at proof-reading and spelling in the print shop even though the old fashioned type was set upside down and backwards.

All 10th graders took IQ tests and I did quite well. By the time my senior year of high school was done, I was probably the top Physics student. I tied for top math student in the senior class in a competitive math exam given by an actuarial society.


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