Not So Fast Mike Villarreal & Dan Branch

AUSTIN, TX – An analysis of CSHB2013

Background and Purpose
Interested parties assert that student data collected by the Texas Education Agency should be made more accessible to researchers so that it can be used to improve the state’s education system. C.S.H.B. 2103 aims to provide for this increased accessibility and also seeks to establish an education research center advisory board and set limits on who can request research, which would allow the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to sift through fewer requests and approve researchers in a more timely manner.

I called Cathy Adams President of Texas Eagle Forum and she said quote:

“This would deepen the impact of “school-to-work” which is the German / Prussian education system.”. Ok Moms and Dads are you really ok with this?

What is a P20 Workforce Council?

The P20 Council is to create a State DATA Base for Education Researchers

The P20 will among other things – collect data P = Pre-kindergarten through 20 = 20 years of age

P20 database is tasked with collecting information (data points) on Texas students from early childhood to workforce-aged youngsters.

FERPA (Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act) laws changed in January of 2012, allowing PII to beused in more than 11 different ways WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM PARENTS OR STUDENTS.

This Bill has been Placed on General State Calendar for 04/24/2013. Call your Representative Today and Say NO to HB 2103. Why would we trust a P20 Board with our children and their Teacher’s private data when things like this are happening in Texas.

“Show Us The Money ~ TEA and ESC”

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