Questions Media Won’t Ask: Trump – “You have to have Privacy” -Updated

When grassroots parents like Ann Marie Banfield of New Hampshire start asking the questions, candidates like Donald Trump are educated on the issues. That is the beauty of a true Townhall meeting. One question NO ONE will ask from the media is finally asked of Donald Trump.

Take a look…..

Donald Trump is now on record as saying…. “You have to have privacy”.

Next, the question above needs to be asked of Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio. 

In addition, both Cruz and Rubio, NOW have the opportunity to be leaders to not only stop the nomination of the US Supreme Court, but to stop the nomination of Obama’s acting Secretary of Education, Dr. John King. As Lynne Taylor informed us… 

Dr. John King HAS NOT been 100% locked in as the U.S. Dept. of Ed Secretary!
We still can contact our Senators and urge a NO vote!!
Please note that March 9th is the full Senate confirmation date!
Click here for your US Senators Contact Info: 

Dr. John King

For back ground on Dr. John King click here….  

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