Setting the Record Straight for Stace in Texas- School Choice has become NO CHOICE!

Word out on  Social Media according to Stace in Texas is that I am against School Choice~

Are you kidding me?  I have clearly stated time and again I am for a Parents Right to choose what is the best option for their child. What my options are in my local area are totally different than what a parent in the inner city of Houston’s options are. What I have cautioned about is that if we allow for our Public schools to fail we have handed over everything. WHY


Because Charter Schools and Private schools are run by appointed boards, those appointed boards are beholden to whom ever is providing the grant money. The beauty of our public schools is a locally elected school board. Does that mean I am against all Charter schools and Private schools?-  NO of course not!

But be warned… 

As Michelle Malkin pointed out… Choice has become NO CHOICE because of the Common Core!! 

“Homeschooling mom of six and blogger Karen Braun of Michigan sees the threat to her choice, too. Her trenchant message: “True school choice allows a parent to choose any school that meets their child’s needs, not just those that adopt Common Core State standards and assessments.”

No fully funded school voucher system in the world can improve the educational experience if Fed Ed controls the classroom and homeschool room. Coerced conformity kills choice.”

I have warned Republicans over and over school choice must be defined as a Parents Right To Choose!!!

I have another warning for Republicans and activists like Stace from Emmett McGroarty about the negligence of Republicans to only champion the issue of school choice without understanding the implications of not understanding what is being taught to the next generation. It is in the first three minutes of the below audio. 

Excited to be invited to Washington DC this weekend for another Conference hosted by the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity to discuss K-12 and higher education, tax and budget, environmental policy, regulatory system, working of the legal system and social welfare reform.

I will be posting and tweeting great info from the event. I hope you will follow along. I love these conferences because not only do I learn a great deal; I get to hang out with some amazing new media influencers who are having a huge impact on the narrative of the important issues that will affect our children’s future especially when it comes to a PARENTS RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT IS THE BEST EDUCATION FOR THEIR CHILD.


Here is some interesting information I just came across that I had forgotten about.

Joe Straus’ PAC gave Bennett Ratliff $25,000.00.

Why in the world did Ken Paxton sponsor Bennett Ratliff’s Education Bill 2824 in the Senate. Isn’t Ratliff the enemy?

Why is it that Conservative Republicans and Wendy Davis Democrats are together on education issues that seem to bring Common Core in the back door in Texas?

Joe Straus was elected Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives in 2009 by 65 Democrats and 11 Republicans.
And, 5 out of the original Straus gang of 11 donated money to Ratliff.  
From 2009, here are the names of the original  gang of 11:
The 11:
District 7: Rep. Tommy Merritt – Chair of Public Safety
District 10: Rep. Jim Pitts – Chair of Appropriations
District 15: Rep. Rob Eissler – Chair of Public Education
District 17: Rep. Byron Cook – Chair of Environmental Regulation
District 44: Rep. Edmund Kuempel – Chair of Licensing & Administrative Procecures
District 60: Rep. Jim Keffer – Chair of Energy Resources
District 65: Rep. Burt Solomons – Chair of State Affairs
District 66: Rep. Brian McCall – Chair of Calendars
District 83: Rep. Delwin Jones – Chair of Redistricting
District 99: Rep. Charlie Geren – Chair of House Administration
District 121: Rep. Joe Straus – Speaker of the House
See donation list here:  List of PACS – Ratliff

As reported by Red Hot Conservative back in July on HB 2824. What was HB2824 all about?

The Next Generation of Learning Standards in Texas. i.e. College and Career Ready/Common Core philosophy of education. 

TASB consortiumTexas Educators Thumb Noses @ Gov Perry, Taxpayers and Parents!

Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and Texas Association of School Administrators(TASA) are funded with tax money through local school districts and are behind implementing a progressive TRANSFORMATION of the Texas School System.

 Click here to see The New Vision for Public Education in Texas Implementation Rubric

 Click on the above  release and you will read in the News Release from TASB stating their agenda to pursue their liberal agenda despite Gov Perry’s Veto of HB 2824 which was sponsored by “Bennet Ratliff”, whose brother Thomas Ratliff serves on the State Board of Education illegally.” 

“HB 2824 would have provided space and flexibility to the 23 school districts participating in the Consortium to carry out the research and development necessary to accomplish the goals initially outlined in Senate Bill 1557 to transform public education.”



Ratliff and PaxtonParents what do you think about your kids being used for research and development? As a Texas Parent and Tax Payer I do not want my tax dollars used for research and development using Texas children and their teachers. 


Thankfully Gov. Rick Perry did Veto HB2824 which was passed by the House and the Senate overwhelmingly.” 


Interesting to note, I found out in listening to the education committee hearings on May 17  Ken Paxton was the only one of the education committee members who was absent the day it was moved out of the committee.  


Also it is interesting to note on May 16th you will here in the audio below who sat in for Paxton when he was not there to present his own bill to the Education Committee. Once again it seems Ken Paxton was out flanked by the left. I am not sure what the strategy was and why his team did not listen to conservative education experts likeDonna Garner instead of listening to the education establishment like the Ratliff’s but I think it clearly shows that he is not the right man for Attorney General in Texas. We discussed these bills time and again on the Women On the Wall conference calls. It is ashamed no one from the Paxton Team took the time to listened in. Although they do want our support without questioning them. 



Did you notice what Sen. Wendy Davis stated as she presented Sen. Ken Paxton’s bill. HB2824. “Next Generation Learning Standards”  They are basically going around the Texas TEKS to implement Common Core/College and Career Ready Standards. One only has to read the talking points from Klien ISD and Coppell ISD to understand their plan is implementing new standards to accomplish a Transformation of Texas Education. 


Klein ISD 


Coppell ISD 


 ~Texas parents of 8th grade Public School students, have you gotten the letter about meeting with the counselor to discuss your child’s college and career ready pathway yet?


Well I highly recommend that you read the article HB 5 AND THE PATH TO COMMON COREIt will help you understand what HB5 did.


HB5 was signed prior to HB462 that supposedly said NO to Common Core. Also I recommend you consider when you go in to vote in the primary who was behind HB5.


Isn’t it interesting that Governor Candidate Wendy Davis is a big supporter of HB5 along with folks like Senator Dan Patrick the sponsor of HB5 in the Senate and Senator Ken Paxton and Senator Dan Branch who are running for Attorney General.


That is not very comforting to me as a Mom. I will not vote for any of them. 

As we move forward in school reform and fundamentally transforming education in America I pray parents and grandparents will give the “Gift of American Exceptionalism” back to their child or grandchild. To do this we must go into our children’s school and say….. 

Can I see Photo cover
#CanISee™© WHAT you are teaching my child? 

#CanISee™© HOW you are teaching my child?

#CanISee™© WHO is benefiting Financially from the curriculum my child’s teacher is being evaluated? 

We are coalition of parents, teachers and taxpayers at the local level to take back our schools. 

We would love to have you be a part of it and ask your friends and neighbors to join the movement!!

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