The Smile Behind Fundamentally Transforming Education in America~ Sarah Brown-Wessling

In traveling across the country speaking on the dangers of the philosophy of education found in Common Core/College and Career Ready National Standards, I have been intrigued by the passion behind those in Education who are pushing for Common Core/21st Century Learning/Project Learning Communities. I believe that comes from a dynamic speaker and the voice behind Common Core.

0126-Lecture_INSIDEHer name is Sarah Brown Wessling. 

Here is a little background on Wessling…….

Sarah Brown Wessling is a high school English teacher from Johnston, Iowa. She was the 2010 National Teacher of the Year and is the Teacher Laureate for Teaching Channel. She also hosts “Teaching Channel Presents” on public television stations around the country. 

Ms. Wessling is a wonderful speaker and makes ideas and the “Professional Development” of Teachers teaching with the  Common Core/21st Century come alive. She makes you feel so good about 21st Century Learning. She is a danger to your child’s education and well being.

Wessling states… 

“We need 21st-century teachers, not just adults teaching in the 21st Century.”  

“When we embrace this open model of learning the consumers of our curriculum will become the designers of their own learning experiences.” 

It is interesting to see who and what the inspiration is behind Sarah Brown Wessling. 

Let’s start with this short video…. 

Did you catch who spoke to her… John Dewey…...The Father of Education Reform.

Hey, I thought this was 21st Century Learning? Well come to find out this progressive school of thought is nothing new. 

As our friend Cathy Wells wrote in the Texas Insider…..looks like Dewey Back from the Grave? 

“John Dewey, a secular humanist and leftist who is rightly called “The Father of Modern Education,” was no different.  Dewey’s philosophies and ideas, like those before him, were grounded in behavioral psychology and a break from traditional values in education.  Dewey wrote the following in his 1898 essay, “The Primary Education Fetish:”

“There is… a false education god whose idolaters are legion, and whose cult influences the entire educational system. This is language studyit is almost an unquestioned assumptionthat the first three years of a child’s school life shall be mainly taken up with learning to read and write his own languagethe great importance attaching to literature seems to me a perversion.”

Clearly, Dewey took issue with the traditional “ 3 Rs” instruction model.  Similarly, Dewey had a disdain for the typical role of the teacher in a classroom.  Dewey saw the teacher not as an older and wiser person from whom a student could glean wisdom but as a facilitator and guide.

Sound familiar?  It should.  Because what we are now seeing in the educational realm, particularly in Common Core and in Texas CSCOPE, is merely a regurgitation of ideas that are over 100 years old.”

The real question is…. does the “Collectivist” Teacher as a lead learner way of a teacher actually work or is it, in fact, harming American Children?

 When asking the question #CanISee the piloted program where the Common Core/21st Century Learning has been proven successful?

The answer is No because the Common Core Standards/Assessments have not been piloted and proven successful. In fact testimony from Child psychologist shows that it is cognitive child abuse.  

“Dr. Gary Johnson is the Director of Special Education Advocacy and Instruction, at the Early Life Child Psychology and Education Center in Utah. His testimony before the Wisconsin State Legislature is simple and his evidence is compelling: Common Core is Cognitive Child Abuse. His comments are specifically aimed at the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC). The tests are not valid and have no validation data. They discriminate against minority students. They discriminate against ADHD and other vulnerable populations, such as depressed children.”

#CanISee what the reality is on the ground of implementing  Sarah Brown Wessling’s methods of teaching coupled with the Common Core Standard and Race To the Top College and Career Ready Blueprint. 

Here is the voice of a Veteran Teacher who left to fight for her children outside the walls of her classroom. 

What is happening now in America is a perfect storm….. 

It is a merging of people working in coordination with varying agendas which will destroy American exceptionalism in the world and may very well destroy America. 

For the record, I do not believe Sarah Brown Wessling is out to destroy America in the world. I think she is a passionate young woman who believes she is helping students and teachers. I believe she is being used. She is Green- There are many green people in Education today


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