This is How Local Curriculum Control Dies: OER. (Open Education Resources)(UPdated)

By Alice Linahan 9.18.2018

The man in the 1st video below is Commissioner of Education Mike Morath, he is being questioned by State Board of Education (Elected Official), Pat Hardy.

Texas we’ve got a BIG problem!! As JaKell Sullivan pointed out, Texas is mentioned all throughout the EdTech documents provided below this video. YES, this is how they are controlling WHAT and HOW our children are being taught and we CAN SEE who is financially benefiting.


This issue is a HUGE National Security threat.

What is being set in place, allows the enemies of America, direct access to American students, from Pre-School through the workforce, to psychologically profile and modify behaviors by creating software programs that can assess, benchmark and apply interventions.

It is very important to understand, that the Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability is well underway in Texas schools.

At the resource linked below, you will see that the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), who owns the copyright to the Common Core National Standards, and The New America (whose Board is chaired by Google’s Eric Schmidt), detail their work to control districts’ curriculum choices. How? Using Open Educational Resources (OER).

Tech giants like Google and Amazon play a key roll in OER. The CCSSO and New America are ecstatic at how quickly schools and states are adopting OER. OER is a term coined by the United Nations education division, UNESCO, in 2002. President Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos is doing UNESCO’s OER-bidding through the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the G20. (see the footnotes in the CCSSO/New America paper to understand how the Obama administration used Race to the Top and ESSA to persuade districts that they were regaining control of curriculum from states when, in actuality, they were/are ceding control of curriculum AND assessments to the tech giant cartel by using OER).

Prager and Conservative Media outlets that are sounding the warning about tech giants controlling online content need to understand how this exact same thing is happening with online “personalized” curriculum for every student. Fox News, Prager, WND and others need to be reporting on THIS dark side of the Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Twitter, US Dept. of Ed, UNESCO story: OER can be rated, curated and tracked in order to control the curriculum and assessments that teachers and children use. OER, using Common Education Data Standards, ties teacher/student learning to global Competency-Based Curriculum giving them access to assess, benchmark and modify students values, beliefs, behaviors, and worldview through OER.

Remember that districts were “freed” from state curriculum control under ESSA. They just didn’t realize that they were then coerced into politicized, globally data-tracked curriculum:

Also remember that the Obama administration created the curriculum curation system, the Learning Registry—and helped their tech giant partners create similar curriculum ratings/curation systems—in order that teachers’ and students’ choices could be manipulated and controlled by state assessment scores. Below is the Obama administration’s Deputy Director of Ed Tech, Steve Midgley, speaking about how OER works. They state outright that they were starting to curate curriculum to ensure that teachers choose the “most relevant resource.” Midgley says, “[Through the Registry] we can actually find out this teacher assigned this material; this teacher emailed this to someone else; this teacher dragged it onto a smart board for 18 minutes. . . .” The Registry will also use “the math that I don’t understand which [will] let me know something about who you are and then let me do some mathematical operations against a very large data set and see if I can pair you with the appropriate relevant resource.”

The federal tripod of standards, assessments, and accountability is strangling local curriculum and assessment control. The tripod is being used to access and control what your children learn in the classroom.

ESSA. MUST. BE. STOPPED. It’s up to parents. Persuade your legislator to end the federal tripod that the tech cartel is using to control what your children learn. The best way to do this is to stop taking federal education money—your taxpayer money returned with strings.

Thank you to Jakell Sullivan for helping us to connect these dots and for this important information.

Additionally, thank you to Cheri Kiesecker for letting us know The Fed Learning Registry is shutting down (they are putting all the metadata on GitHub)
They can accomplished what they want through interoperable databases, single sign-on  and IMS global LTI/ Project Unicorn data.
Cheri also pointed out, as to OER, yes, Google/New America is involved but so is nearly everyone else: Microsoft, Amazon, Edmodo, Creative Commons etc (see their 2015 press release)

It is time for parents to push back against their local school (public, private and charter) for forcing students, of all ages, to use these software programs in order to take and pass classes.

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