Who paid for all those Yellow Scarves? “School Choice” = No Voice!- Updated for 2017!

My friend Julie Jumes asked a very good question on facebook as it pertains to the “School Choice” movement along with the picture below!

School Choice Week: “Get ready for the yellow. Do you know who buys the scarves/t-shirts, who will be bussing the kids to Austin and why?”

Texas School Choice Rally 2017

Frankly, I am getting really irritated by the push for “School Choice,” when the reality for OUR American kids is – there is NO CHOICE! What is coming in the next legislative session with regards to education is to align completely with the Federal mandates of ESSA through the Next Generation of Assessment and Accountability. 

There is nowhere to hide from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA,) College and Career Ready mandated standards and formative assessments that will literally monitor and adjust the attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors and worldview of our children and report that to the state and federal government, so they can sort our children through competency assessments for the workforce. They are seen by both Republicans and Democrats as “Human Capital” for the state and federal government

This is WRONG and parents must STAND! 

It is much like the push by Rino Republicans on Immigration Reform!! We can not have real immigration reform until we secure the borders and stop the influx of refugees flooding into our nation. What is the point?

What is the point of shouting “School Choice” and wearing pro-Common Core Jeb Bush funded yellow scarves when the reality is there is NO CHOICE!!

As parents, we do not get our rights to educate our children from the State or Federal Government. We get that right from GOD! Yes, I am for freedom to educate my child, I am not for the state mandating what choices I have to educate my child. Choice is the Carrot to Control.

Choice is NO Choice and Parents are losing our VOICE! Below is a link to who is funding the school choice week!! Notice Jeb Bush’s (FEE) Foundation for Excellence in Education!! Time to wake up Conservatives you are being used!! 

School Choice Sponsors

Please take notice of the traditional “Independent” public schools who are also supporting School Choice Week! 

Houston ISD

Spring Branch ISD


Folks this is all about parental choice in the location of where your child will go to school, but NOT Parental Choice in WHAT and HOW your child will be taught.

Texans For Homeschool Freedom

As stated on the Texans for Homeschool Freedom website…. 

“School Choice will take the public education methods that private school parents and homeschool parents have opted out of–and force them onto our private and homeschools.

School Choice is a top-down, corporate-government push in every state.

The focus of the School Choice Goliath machine is in Texas. There is big money coming at us.”

The fact is, “school choice” limits education freedom! Listen and learn how then share with your friends and neighbors.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, how dare you use class warfare. Many parents sacrifice so we can teach our children at home! We are not rich, we just know that through the passage of legislation YOU HAVE CHAMPIONED, our public schools have been destroyed.
Let’s start with SB 6 and HB 5 for example.


Parents want a Choice to write not type



Alice Linahan and Frank Gaffney on Civilization Jihad and the Common Core from Alice Linahan on Vimeo.

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