Will Our Children Remember? D DAY 69 Yrs Today


Photo Courtesy of Michele Bachmann

As Author Bill Ames posted today…. 

June 6th. D Day. 69 years ago today, Allied troops stormed the beaches on the Normandy coast of France. But in spite of Texas social studies TEKS standards to the contrary, our public schools are not teaching about the bravery and patriotism of those men, and the sacrifices they endured to preserve our freedom.

Leftist educators will never give up their attempts to diminish our students’ respect for America. Although grassroots conservatives have dealt a blow to the offensive CSCOPE lesson plans in Texas, the same egregious, offensive material will reincarnate itself in another form. The left will never give up its agenda to portray America as an oppressive, exploitative, racist, and imperialistic country.

We must stay aware of what our local school districts are doing, not just at the school board and superintendent level, but at the classroom, teacher, and student level as well. By exposing the offending content for all to see, perhaps we can take back our public schools, one district at a time.

I had the honor of hearing Michele Bachmann tell a story of America’s greatness at the Texas Republican convention. From that moment on I have committed to fight daily to preserve the blessings of America!!

As Michele Bachmann tells this story we see that when great men with values from different theologies come together to fight for America, America wins!!

“That is the Greatness of our Nation and the Greatness of our people.” Michele Bachmann

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