Houston We Have a Problem~ HISD, National Security and the Common Core Philosophy of Education

Alice Linahan and Frank Gaffney on Civilization Jihad and the Common Core from Alice Linahan on Vimeo.

By Alice Linahan

I am honored to be speaking alongside of my good friend and colleague, Frank Gaffney, the founder of the Center for Security Policy, this Saturday, June 13th at 1:00 pm in Houston, Texas. I hope after reading the information below you will join us if you are in the area or will pass this information onto those you know who are in the Houston area.

In America, we have a history of great prosperity and innovation, because, in the past, we have valued an Education of Opportunity (Equal Opportunity) based on an individual’s freedom and ability to achieve great things. When a child has a solid foundation and can read, write, do math, and knows history; as an adult that individual is free to succeed, and, free to fail, and then learn from that failure and go on to do great things and achieve the “American Dream.”

Moms and Dads, we need to step back and start asking “ourselves” some questions……. When we send our children to schools across America; all schools, public, private, and charter, are they getting what they really need academically?

1. If our children graduate from high school or college with attitudes, values, beliefs, behaviors, and a worldview that we oppose and we know it is because their teachers believe it is their responsibility to be the devil’s advocate and teach our children to question and even oppose the traditional, foundational beliefs of our family, our country and our religious beliefs; is that really a solid academic education that will serve our children and their future well?

2. Is our child being exposed and immersed in other languages and cultures more important than protecting America’s history by allowing the facts about generations of American’s sacrifices and their stories to be told and learned by the next generation of American children?

3. If your child graduates from college, gets a great high paying job but no longer respects, much less believes, they are worthy of a free and prosperous country, a strong marriage and that by the Grace of God anything is possible; have we done our best to give our children a strong foundation for a happy joy-filled life?

In America we have shifted from a Kindergarten -12th-grade system of education to what is known as a P-20 W (Pre-School through the workforce) education of Equity (Equal Outcomes,) which history has proven will result in a loss of freedom, liberty, and opportunity for the next generation of individual citizens. Our children will be seen merely as “Human Capital” for the government.

This globally coordinated effort is about equalizing and controlling the economy of the United States and the citizens of America.  You are no longer that boy from Amarillo, Texas who was a baseball star or in the band. You are now a global citizen. Not an AMERICAN.

American children are no longer to believe they are American’s living in a Global world, they are Global Citizen’s living in America.

Nationalism is destroyed.  The US Constitution becomes Null and Void.

What is happening today is a Revolution through education.

So who is behind this global coordination and who is taking advantage of the shift to an education of equity, “equal outcomes” based on attitudes, values, beliefs, behaviors, and worldview?

What is Shariah? There are people with varying political agendas who are taking advantage of the revolution underway, with the goal of global domination. One of the most dangerous is the push for “Sharia” across the world.

As defined in the book “Sharia, a Threat to America”- “Civilization jihad is a form of political and psychological warfare that includes multi-layered cultural subversion, the co-opting of senior leaders, influence operations, propaganda and other means of insinuating shariah gradually into Western societies.”

In the West, a fundamental shift is beginning to be felt, as the American idea of individual freedom clashes with the political purpose of control and submission. The outcome will depend on if individuals refuse to submit.

When education is focused on how students perceive the world, that is known as critical theory or cultural marxism.

Below, I will make the case that what we are witnessing in realtime is “Civilization Jihad” in Houston ISD through the application of “cultural marxism.”

Diana West, author of enlightening books such as The Death of the Grown-Up, and  “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character,” coined the phrase “Root Crisis”.  West goes on to describe it as “Crises are what we read about in the headlines,” ”Root crises,” however, don’t make headlines, are never addressed, and are rarely articulated, especially by elected officials and others with lawful authority or even media platforms. For this reason, the crises that grow from root crises only multiply, and are never dispatched.”  

By providing the facts below I hope to expose the “Root Crises” of the implementation of “Civilization Jihad” right here in Texas.

Funding~ Money has begun flowing into Houston ISD. 

HISD wins $30 million Race to the Top grant in 2013 which directly aligns with the Common Core teaching philosophy of education.

In essence, Houston ISD is in direct violation of Texas law – HB 462 – because they took the Obama administration’s “carrot and stick” and are now legally bound to follow the Common Core Standards Initiative. 

Much like Diana West describes in her book which documents the 1934 infiltration of a tightly organized Communist network based within government agencies. Today we have an infiltration within NGOs (non-government organizations) that have direct access to our tax dollars and our public school districts. 

Along with the RTTT grant’s directly from the federal government, Houston ISD is receiving grants and funding from Qatar International Foundation which funds the “Connect All Schools” program. According to their website… 

“In an historic speech in Cairo, Egypt in June 2009, President Obama expressed his desire to “create a new online network, so a young person in Kansas can communicate instantly with a young person in Cairo.” Since then, the Secretary of State and Secretary of Education have both emphasized the importance of learning other languages, gaining a global competency and traveling to other countries.  A number of organizations linking US schools with others around the world are coming together in a new “Connect All Schools” consortium to meet a very specific goal: to connect every school in the US with the world by 2016.”    

So who is behind the International Qatar Foundation?

 Vartan Gregorian, president of Carnegie Corporation, formerly served as president of Brown University. In 1996, Gregorian briefly stepped in as acting director of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, which was then housed at Brown. 

In his role as acting director, Gregorian was instrumental in the creation of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC). Gregorian selected domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who personally selected Barack Obama, to work on the board of the CAC. The mission of the CAC was to expand Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools throughout Chicago and surrounding areas.

In 2009, President Obama appointed Vartan Gregorian to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

In addition to his post as president of Carnegie Corporation, an organization that has long funded progressive education initiatives, Gregorian currently sits on the board of the Qatar Foundation.

The Qatar Foundation was started by the founder of Al Jazeera and currently employs the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan Al Banna. Despite this and other deep ties to Islamic terrorists, the State Department and the U.S. Department of Education have entered into an extensive partnership with the Qatar Foundation for the purpose of implementing several programs, including the ‘Connect All Schools’ Initiative.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 6.57.00 PMEmails reveal Qatar Foundation International was highly involved in getting the Houston ISD Arabic Immersion Magnet (AIM) school staffed and financed for the 2015 rollout. Interesting to note the 75,000 strong Arabic community in HOUSTON was not able to provide the staffing needed for the magnet school. Emails linked clearly expose the pathway Principal Kate Adams took in using immigration and certification loopholes in concert with the HISD Specialist Team to recruit foreign teachers via H1B visas.

At the November Houston ISD school board meeting testimony was given advocating for the Arabic Immersion Magnet school beginning with Abdel Elkhadiri who was representing the (ACC) Arab-American Cultural Center. He also has a seat on the Mayor’s International Trade Development Council. He mentions very enthusiastically that he held a workshop to assist HISD staff get a deeper understanding of the Arabic Culture mentioning about 30 people who showed up. The ACC is a non-profit “non-political, non-religious” org. Although their Facebook page and Website tell another story.

He states that the training was so well-received that even Houston Police Dept. would be interested in attending a workshop. He apparently has been working with HISD on their VIPS PROGRAM (SECURITY for Schools).

Twice he mentions the large “influx of refugees” at the end RE-EMPHASIZES this important point with respect to a need for the Arabic Immersion Magnet School.


The question then becomes. Why are so many refugees being brought to the Houston Area? The Center for Security Policy has just released a new book; Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America by Ann Corcoran which I highly recommend.

Did you know that Texas is the Number One state in the nation for refugee resettlement? 

Ann Corcoran writes;  From the Houston Chronicle  

This is a city of contrasts. It is a hub of first-rate medical institutions with almost one-fourth of its population uninsured. One of the nation’s most ethnically mixed metro areas and, at the same time, one of its most economically segregated. Routinely ranked top in the country for job growth, with a school system where 80 percent of students are disadvantaged.

An amalgam of promise and pitfalls.

It is also a region of dazzling diversity – and becoming more so every day.

More than 1 million immigrants – nearly one of every four residents – call Harris County and the surrounding 10-county metro area home.

From 2000 to 2010, Houston gained 400,000 foreign-born residents, more than any other U.S. city except New York. Last year, the county received 4,818 refugees from 40 different countries, the most of any county in Texas.

The newcomers have done more than shifting our demographics. They have created a metropolis where one-third of business owners are foreign-born, where the number of Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus has tripled in the last three decades, where more than 100 languages are spoken by students attending Houston public schools.

Even in a nation where the number of immigrants has doubled since 1990, the Houston area stands apart.

If all the facts above do not motivate you to SEEK the FACTS, SHARE the FACTS, and STAND up for the FACTS and protect Texas and American children, I hope the information below will.

Are they tracking our children?

Will elected officials and government employees begin to understand why parents are uncomfortable with our state and federal government collecting private personally identifiable information on our children and families after it has been revealed that government employees themselves have had their personal private information compromised via a security breach of the Database of OPM (Office of Personnel Management) which has been hacked, allegedly by the Chinese Government.   Listen here for an interview with Founder of Secure Freedom Radio Frank Gaffney with GORDON CHANG,  author of The Coming Collapse of China:

  • Beijing’s recent cyber attack against the U.S.
  • What motivated the Chinese government to commit such a complicated hack?
  • The ongoing intelligence war between the U.S. and the PRC
  • The Obama administration’s misguided policy with China

Parents across American are becoming angrier and angrier as we begin to uncover the massive efforts to collect personally identifiable information on our children so they can be sorted for the workforce.

Lamar Alexander is back in the battle to push the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act)/NCLB (No Child Left Behind) reauthorization, now known as ECAA (Every Child Achieves Act.)  Alexander has substituted a different bill S1177 from what passed unanimously in the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee. The bill has gone from 600+ pages to almost 800. Here is a link to the latest bill.

Interesting to note that Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn) delivers the keynote address for the Brookings Institute where the idea that school districts across America are transitioning from the traditional model of assigning students to a school based on their residential address to a system that allows families a choice of schools. Such as magnet and charter schools much like the AIM School in Houston ISD.

While parents across the country are becoming more and more concerned with the issue of the Federal Government monitoring, tracking, and collecting data on our children, it is very alarming to learn that Brookings also has a Center for Universal Education that partners with UNESCO for the UN education agenda where there is a focus on “Global Tracking” and the need to support the development of more robust systems for assessing learning outcomes.

There were three major actions under the Obama administration, without legislative approval, to change two hundred years of traditional public education in the United States.
(1) The Common Core copyright, which created a national curriculum and national testing mandating that individual students meet individual standards (similar to the Obamacare individual mandate).
(2) Unlocking data ‘to flow’ through the Family Education Rights in Privacy Act, FERPA, which allows personally identifiable information on our children to flow to outside 3rd party contractors for research and curriculum development to match Common Core.
(3) No Child Left Behind Flexibility Waiver, (ESEA, Elementary and Secondary Education Act), that is re-training teachers to teach to Common Core.
The latest fundamental transformation in education is a centrally coordinated, reorganization of American education that has global tentacles that are a threat to America and our children’s future. Common Core is just a tactic to shift education from a transmission of knowledge, that parents still expect from our schools to an emphasis on altering the student’s world-views, their values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and worldview.

So now the question becomes, will you begin the journey with us and stop this fundamental shift in education and go from #CANiSEE what you are teaching our children to I CAN SEE and I will not allow it in my community!

Next, join the movement and help support “A Community’s Journey from #CANiSEE to I CAN SEE What You Are Teaching Our Children.

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