Today (SUNDAY) SB 313 (Common Core Lite) is eligible at 4:10 PM – Time is of the Essence!

Today (Sunday) at 4:10 pm SB 313 the “Common Core Lite” bill by Sen. Kel Seliger is eligible for a vote by both houses. Call, e-mail, tweet, Facebook message and let your Elected Representatives and Senators know, they must vote NO on SB 313 today!

This is our last chance to KILL THIS BILL! 

This bill forces the State Board of Education to reopen its Patriotic Social Studies curriculum (TEKS) and shorten them. In addition this bill puts at risk the material currently in the curriculum about our Founding Fathers and American exceptionalism and the Free Enterprise system. It also introduces a 25 percent set-aside for computer hardware and technology and seriously limits the State Board of Education’s authority to order new textbooks for the public schools.

Is it even worth calling our State Representatives to voice our opinion? My take is, make the call, we have to let them know we are watching and we know what they are doing. Click below  to find your State Reps. office number.

Texas House of Representatives

Texas Senate

As author, Bill Ames wrote in this Education UPDATE: Reject Senate Bill 313/House Bill 2811
This legislation gives Contempt-for-America “educators” a second chance to hijack U. S. History, and also allows revisionists to shred other core academic standards as well.

This bill could move the Texas standards closer to the federal “Common Core” standards. Like supporters of Common Core, proponents of this bill have used the catchphrase “Inch Deep, Mile Wide” to complain that the Texas standards require students to know too much. The fact that the state board has chosen to adopt measurable, grade-level-specific skills in the curriculum is precisely what differentiates the Texas standards from the federal “Common Core” standards.

 The bill costs the state more than $9 million in this biennium.
The conference report for Senate Bill 313 makes it more difficult for the State Board of Education to ensure quality education in Texas public schools, and we urge its rejection.

Remember Texas did not need to pass the Common Core National Standards and Kel Seliger’s SB 313 shows clearly we are pushing towards the vision of the Common Core Philosophy of Education. If ESEA/NCLB ECAA is passed in the US Congress that is it. The last nail will have been put in the coffin of America!!

Find out in under 9 min. why Common Core is like a bunker busting bomb and the reauthorization of ESEA/NCLB now known as ECAA (Every Child Achieve Act) is dangerous to your children and the future of America.

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