Texas Dad Takes a Stand against the Common Core “Process Standards”

While we were working last Friday and taking care of our families, the video below shows what was going on down in Austin.

Leander ISD Dad- Randy Houchins was stepping up and protecting all of our children.

Click photo to hear the Q&A portion of Randy Houchins’ testimony.

Randy Houchins

Here is Randy Houchins‘ written Testimony to the SBOE (State Board of Education.)

Here is a little background…..

What makes Common Core Math so bad? It is all about “Content Standards” VS “Process Standards”

In this audio clip from Sept. 9th, 2015 Dr. Jim Milgram clearly explains the difference between the two.

In the video linked above of Randy Houchins’  HB 743 is mentioned. Below is a Bill Analysis of HB 743.

Bill Analysis 

HB 743 makes changes to state required assessment tests for public school students.

The bill requires that an assessment instrument be determined to be valid and reliable based on empirical evidence by an entity independent of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and test developer before being administered. It also requires TEA to ensure that assessments primarily assess the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) by subject and grade level, and place time limits on the completion of the tests.  Additionally, the bill requires a method for auditing and reviewing contractors who develop the assessments.

Texas, our children are being harmed by what is happening behind closed doors in Austin and because of the professional development of teachers provided for by the TEA and the 20 Education Service Centers.

Our children are being set up to fail  by the state and federal government. Are we just to just going to sit by and let it happen?

Or are we going to step up the plate like Leander ISD Dad Randy Houchins is doing and start holding the TEA, TASA and the ESC’s accountable.

Knowledge is Power! Take the Time to listen to the Women On The Wall Communication Team Conference Call:
Full Podcast click here: Alice-linahan – Dr-james-milgram-on-the-women-on-the-wall-call-a-failure-in-instruction

Our special guest was Dr. James Milgram.
Dr.Milgram is a former NASA mathematician, Stanford math professor, and the only true mathematician to serve on the validation committee for Common Core. He refused to sign off that there was adequate academic legitimacy to Common Core Math.
Dr. Milgram clarified what challenge with the Texas Math TEKS. While flawed because of the “Process Standards” at the beginning of each grade level, they do have good “Content Standards” for teachers to work from.

Nakonia Hayes’, author of the book, Saxon Math Warrior, statement on the Women on the Wall interview with Dr. James Milgram.

Dr. Milgram does a super job of clarifying the the damage that has been done for decades in math education and explains how it is now reaching an even higher peak of destruction with Common Core math standards. 
I think individuals can finally understand, from his descriptions, the vast difference between the contrived importance of “process standards” (as promoted by TX education service centers in their teacher training programs on HOW to teach a topic and for which there is no objective measurement) as compared to the “content standards” (which defines WHAT students must learn and for which there is objective measurement that shows defined results). 
He made an declarative statement that the 2012 TX math content standards are NOT like those of Common Core, although the TX process standards are similar to Common Core. However, because process standards are not important as a main goal in learning real mathematics, it is a waste of time to focus on process standards in either the TX or Common Core document. The focus should be on “what” mathematics the students should know at the end of the year so they are ready for the coming year’s demands.
Dr. Milgram’s honesty is always refreshing. His comment about the new regulation for special education students having to take tests at their grade levels, rather than their learning levels, was important to hear. His observation of the open destruction also being committed on gifted students is equally important.
But his most powerful (and probably shocking) comment was his response to the question, “What can we do to solve the problems that we’re seeing today in education?” He said, “Nothing. Changes will take years and years.” (He had explained how this problem started in the early 1980s.) At this point, parents must protect their children immediately from the programs being forced upon them by education leaders (who listen to no one who differs from their views because they think they know better than anyone else). He said it is a “war of attrition between those in charge and those who want to stop the continuing failure in education. Parents must give their children materials and opportunities for learning that will help them succeed beyond the school’s limited teaching. He explained, unfortunately, this will lock most lower income children into a situation from which they can never escape.


Task #1 Protect your own child from what is happening!!

Task #2 Tell you friends and neighbors.  

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