Ties between Texas Former Lt. Gov. Bill Ratliff and Linda Darling Hammond~

By Alice Linahan- November 25, 2013

Now isn’t this interesting.

Today on the Women On The Wall Radio Show we had Texas Mom Kara Sands on to talk about the Texas Science Text and Tech book battle that was underway in Austin last week. During that conversation Kara mentioned the non-profit organization “Parents for Public Schools”, which two people here in Texas we are learning a lot about; former Lt. Governor Bill Ratliff (SBOE)/Microsoft Lobbyist Thomas Ratliff and State Rep. Bennett Ratliff’s dad and the now infamous Linda Darling Hammond happen to be sitting together on the board of Parents for Public Schools. Time Stamp: 21:20

Parents for Public SchoolAdvisory Board

As it turns out Linda Darling Hammond who is the professional developer behind both Common Core National Standards and CSCOPE is on a National Advisory Board with Texas’ own education bureaucracy millionaire Bill Ratliff. Father of SBOE elected official Thomas Ratliff and Texas State Representative Bennett Ratliff. For more information on the Ratliff family click here. 

HAmmond and Ratliff

Just connecting the dots for you. Isn’t it interesting the connection between Linda Darling and Texas Based CSCOPE which has now been renamed TEKS Resource Service.

CSCOPE Linda Darling Hammond


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