Time for Parents to Reclaim Parental Authority- #MyChildMatters

By Ginger Brown 
Childhood Is Challenging Enough. For everything else, there’s prescription drugs. 

(Your child’s mental health is BIG business and the avenues to profit off of your child are endless) 

By Ginger Brown

The educrats have spoken, “There is NOT enough time for play during early childhood!” We must mandate more time (typically 90 minutes of uninterrupted time blocks) for early literacy and math so WE (not necessarily you or your child) can remain competitive in the adult global market. Your children are OUR future $ signs.

We won’t let your child play or have real FUN. Children will not be allowed to learn through real life childhood exploration, experimentation, and discovery.

We won’t set boundaries to help your child maneuver through playful learning. We WILL enforce rules to demand they learn our way. We will tell your child how to act and what to think and we will have them repeat mindless pledges for what we believe is socially acceptable in the school setting, in life, and in the global realm of chaos we’ve brought to your front door.

Abundant recess/unstructured free-time? You’ve got to be kidding me. There is no time to be free.

•Your child is “AT RISK” for failure and we’ve ensured it every step of the way. Your child will have no choice but to depend on us from here forward. We have made ourselves relevant and indispensable. Without our interference, your child could not/would not be allowed to succeed.

We will developmentally abuse your child’s mind. Then we will act shocked when they lose interest, fall behind their peers, and when they act out. We will label them as “AT RISK” and segregate them into little groups of increased tiers for compliance intervention and future labeling.

We will invent new excuses for why your child has become bored or sad or resentful or angry or just plain unable to sit still and pay attention.

It’s social. It’s emotional. It’s environmental. It’s economical. It’s a mental health issue. It’s inequity. It’s unequal privilege. It’s the teacher’s fault. It’s the parent’s fault. It’s society’s fault.
BUT, IT’S NOT OUR FAULT! We are the experts. We are the educrats and we make the rules.

Your young children may be faced with a multitude of mental issues, even lifelong mental disorders, but at least we can say your children have met the standards we’ve set for them (for what we insist they are developmentally ready for). If they’re not… too bad. We’ll slap on another label. We’ll make an additional plan for increased control of their outcomes. We’ll drug your children into compliance and make them meet our standards.

The data will prove we are right. WE CONTROL THE DATA. We can manipulate the data to show whatever we want it to show.
And you, poor trusting parent (and teacher) who only wants the best for your children, will believe anything we say.
Why? Because we are the experts. We know more than you, because we say we do.

If your child doesn’t meet our “Great Expectations”, we will drug them to combat the problems we’ve caused. It’s a win-win for the government/corporate partnership controlling your child’s education and your child’s future. We can profit off of your child in every way imaginable through Pre-K and beyond. Enjoy the ride. You paid for it.

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Article and documentary on psychotropic drugging, the partnership between drug companies and psychiatry and the $80 billion profit from the peddling of psychotropic drugs.

Stay with me. We’ve been trained to have short attention spans. You’ll have to trust me on this (or research this claim on your own).

Your children are mentally defective. BUT it’s not our fault:

Please ask yourself why education now contains standards for attitudes, values, and beliefs OR why mental health has become the focus for all issues affecting our country AND why mental health programs, services, and interventions are being implemented into every aspect of education, including the public school classroom.

Are you okay with the public education system and the government monitoring and interfering with your child’s mental health all while manipulating your child’s attitudes, values, and beliefs to conform to their (again not necessarily your) standards? Don’t forget about the data-driven reports being made and collected on your child to track and confirm whether or not your child has met THEIR STANDARDS.

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Fact Sheet on School Mental Health Services
School-aged children and youth have a range of mental health disorders:

Everybody and their brother is cashing in on the call to arm public schools with mental health awareness and all that comes with it. It’s BIG business and BIG money.
See it for yourself. Simply google the words – mental health and public eduction.

Foundations, charities, government organizations and NGO’s (non-governmental organizations – the money laundering branch of the official government), philanthropic donors with self agendas, groups with a cause and a social chant, the cracker barrel of political sects all crying out for your money to redistribute as they see fit, grants, publics funds, etc. etc. etc.

Where there is money to be made, your child is “AT RISK”.

Wake up. Please wake up.

The rise in violent crime: look no further than the prescribed psychotropic drugs in your medicine cabinet.

Problem. Reaction. Solution.
It’s all Hegelian.

If you don’t understand what that^ means, look it up. It’s time you to recognize how it all connects.

Do it for the children.


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