You Have a Role to Play to Stop Common Core

6.27.14 — Before going through the steps to sign up for the $99 (one year) On Demand of the #CANiSEE Solutions Conference To Stop Common Core, please listen to this brief podcast that details what we learned from Jane Robbins (American Principals Project) about the horrible indoctrination which is set to begin in two months when the Advanced Placement U. S. History teachers start the school year. David Coleman, who is the architect of the Common Core and is now the president of The College Board, is forcing AP teachers to teach the AP U. S. History Framework which is meant to destroy the American patriotism of 500,000 of our brightest and best students:

Did you miss the #CANiSEE Solutions Conference To Stop Common Core – June 20 – 21, 2014 – Austin, Texas? 

Not to worry- HOW CAN YOU SEE THE #CANiSEE the Solutions Conference? ONLINE – ON DEMAND! 

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Your Role is to educate yourself on the big Picture of Common Core and then take these On Demand videos and share them with your friends and neighbors in your community. Call a Community Conversation Meeting and share the videos with others so they can join you in our local battle against the Common Core. 

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