Why Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick are Not going to Listen to the People on the Pre-K Program

April 24, 2015

Wednesday’s reporting of a letter written by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s Grassroots advisory team blasting Governor Greg Abbott’s  Pre-K plan is a HUGE deal and exposes just how things work, not only in the  Texas Capital but in every state house in the nation and Washington D. C.. As reported in the Texas Tribune….

When Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick named his Grassroots Advisory Board in January, he offered a brief, polite statement noting his “great enthusiasm” for the panel of 20 conservative activists, many of whom he regularly consulted as a firebrand state senator.

The board’s chairwoman — a ubiquitous Tea Party organizer named JoAnn Fleming — had a bit more to say, touting the newly minted lieutenant governor’s “reputation for valuing folks outside the Capitol complex who ask tough questions.”

Three months into the legislative session, those tough questions are spilling into public view, putting Patrick on the defensive as he navigates leadership politics under the dome. The tension seemed to come to a head Wednesday, when Gov. Greg Abbott confronted Patrick about a letter the lieutenant governor’s advisers sent to senators urging them to oppose a pre-kindergarten plan backed by Abbott.

Fleming said Wednesday the advisory board is beholden to no one. 

“Dan Patrick did not tell us to write the statement, and as a matter of fact, we’re not the kind of people who take orders from elected officials,” she said, making clear there will not be any “walking back” of the pre-K letter.”

What Texas Legislators and the Gov. are finding out is the grassroots activists in Texas are not their groupies. It is about the issues and what the reality is, especially in Education for our children and grandchildren.

Have you heard the term “Progressive Federalism”? There is a radical education reform plan in place that is being implemented systematically by Republicans and Democrats alike. Learn about  the ECS (Education Commission of the States) and exactly who is funding it. 

It has been leaked that Gov. Abbott made the comment, he does not care what the grassroots thinks. He expected Texas Legislators in both the House led by Rep. Joe Straus and the Senate led by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to pass his Pre-K plan, no questions asked.

So who are the Texans representing Texas at those (ECS) meetings. 

According to the ESC website….

Education Commission of the StatesECS Commissioners
* indicates Steering Committee member.

  • Governor Greg Abbott
  • Rob Eissler – Lobbyist of The Schlueter Group
  • Raymund Paredes – Commissioner of Higher Education
  • Florence Shapiro – Former State Senator (Be sure and make the connection to Julie Linn referenced below) 
  • Royce West – Member, Education Committee
  • *Michael Williams –  Commissioner of Education Texas Education Agency

I hate to tell you, but these people know exactly what they are doing and they are not listening to the people who put them in office to represent our interests. They are being funded by others to implement a plan to fundamentally transform America.

This article says that President Obama’s Open Data Initiative, which we know was such a priority that it was his first action on his first day in office, was actually grounded in progressive federalism.

Progressive federalism sees “government action as the central instrument for achieving egalitarian goals and more effective practice in public education.” The book, which described the practices and policies my book and this blog have tracked to what the actual planned implementation looks like everywhere, sought to “develop the role of local and state governance, as well, to promote more comprehensive responses to educational needs and to engage all levels of government in the struggle for progressive reform.” The book complained that progressives were not appreciating the powers over people and places held at the state and local levels. It reiterated that the “concept of progressive federalism includes the necessity of multiple levels of authority, particularly state and federal regulatory functions that safeguard standards and rights.”

When you read the article 21st Century Learning- Exposure of Cultural Marxism in America~ Steven Crowder it becomes even more clear the danger our nation is in.

It is about equalizing and controlling the economy of America and the citizens of America.  You are no longer that boy from Houston, Texas who was baseball star or in the band. You are now a global citizen.


Nationalism is destroyed. That is why Progressive Republicans (Jeb Bush) are just as dangerous of Progressive Democrats (Hillary Clinton).

The US Constitution becomes Null and Void.

What is happening today is a Revolution through education. 

As Turchenko, a Soviet, pointed out in his letter in 1975 that lays out the blueprint, which was translated in 1976 in the book called “The Scientific and Technological Revolution and the Education Revolution,” submission will be largely invisible since it is unconscious human responses being cultivated.

Interesting to note…. 

Julie Linn of Texans for Education Reform (TEC) has been and education powerhouse in Texas and is one of  Gov. Greg Abbott’s key influencers on education matters.

Linn was also a key advisor to Gov. Perry. I personally know this because along with several others we met with Gov. Perry’s education policy advisors, including Julie Linn. She was very adamant that we make a distinction between the Common Core National standards and 21st Century Learning. We would not concede and the meeting did not end on a positive note.  We clearly understand that Texas did not need to pass the Common Core National Standards, we were well ahead of the curve. 

From what I can tell, Julie Linn has never been a classroom teacher but has been involved in politics and private education companies and organizations that make money from education-related advocacy. What does she really know about teaching children when it comes to knowledge-based, traditional, foundational academics?

Julie Linn’s involvement in “blended learning” and technology puts her right into the 21st century transformational mode espoused by TASA/TASB, workforce development, vendors, lobbyists,  advocates (a.k.a., Common Core Standards Initiative, CSCOPE).

Julie Linn has appeared time after time with David Anthony/Raise Your Hand and seems to be closely tied with that organization. Raise Your Hand is run by Bill Ratliff, Thomas Ratliff, Mike Moses (senior educational advisor for Raise Your Hand Texas), Charles Butt (Advisory Board )

(2.18.07 – “Raise Your Hand for a Handout –  Texas Teachers Beware) – By Donna Garner 

“Julie Linn gave bad counsel to Gov. Rick Perry, and she is giving bad counsel to Gov. Greg Abbott.” – Donna Garner]

Excerpts from 1.9.15 – Texans for Education Reform

TER Announces Julie Linn as Executive Director

Texans for Education Reform
January 9, 2014

(Austin, Texas) The Board of Texans for Education Reform (TER) announced today that Julie Linn has been appointed Executive Director of the statewide organization. In announcing the appointment, TER Board President Florence Shapiro said: (NOTE the name, Florence Shapiro, ECS, commissioner)

“Julie Linn understands the challenges facing Texas schools and has demonstrated a strong commitment to improving education in Texas. Her experience at the Governor’s office, TEA and the Legislature make her a perfect fit for Texans for Education Reform and we look forward to her contributions.”

Linn is knowledgeable on a wide range of educational issues and has extensive and diverse experience in education policy in Texas, nationwide, and globally. She started her career in Texas public education over a decade ago, including serving as a legislative aide and then Chief Committee Clerk for the House Public Education Committee, creating a strong foundation for her career in education policy.

Linn is stepping down as an Education Advisor to Gov. Rick Perry to assume the position at TER. She advised Gov. Perry on educational policy issues pertaining to K-12 and was responsible for the implementation and oversight of key public policy initiatives. In this capacity she built a reputation as a thoughtful, collaborative education policy advocate. Prior to that, she was the Director of International Partnerships for the College Board in Washington, D.C.

Julie Linn-President

As President of Texans for Education Reform (TER), Julie Linn is committed to ensuring that excellent public school options are available to all students in Texas. Before assuming her leadership role at TER, Julie served as the Education Advisor to Texas Governor Rick Perry where she was responsible for implementation and oversight of key education policy issues pertaining to K-12.

Prior to that, Julie was the Director of International Partnerships at the College Board, where she led their strategic relationships with K-12 international schools, education organizations and government agencies. She also has worked for an education technology company to create innovative online and blended learning programs in the U.S. and abroad, including a stint to establish the organization’s office in Singapore.

Julie began her career in the Texas House of Representatives, and served as chief committee clerk on the House Committee on Public Education.

So Texas Parents, Grandparents and Taxpayers, are you going to sit idly by and watch your children’s attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors be manipulated and their personal data collected by both Republicans and Democrats alike? Or are you going to stand up and SEEK THE FACTS, SHARE THE FACTS AND STAND UP FOR THE FACTS, so that you can stand in the gap and protect your children?  


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