SBOE and School Choice

By Alice Linahan 02/08/2024

It is interesting to hear candidates for the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) publicly and vehemently support the “School Choice” movement. Some of their campaigns are even funded and promoted by the School Choice Think Tank advocates like TPPF and their funders. WHY IS THAT? They are running for an elected position to represent public school children and they are supporting the destruction of the Texas constitutionally mandated public schools. A system that was set up for our Constitutional Republic with locally elected school boards.

To be clear, the difference between a traditional public school and a charter and public/private partnership is a locally elected school board, who should have local control. People do not seem to understand what is happening is a revolution, revolution meaning shifting our form of government from a Constitutional Republic to a Totalitarian form of government – “a government that seeks to subordinate the individual to the state by controlling not only all political and economic matters, but also the attitudes, values, and beliefs of its population.”

It is infuriating to see so called Conservative Republicans; people who say they are Christians who are for liberty and less government and parental rights pushing the government regulated “School Choice” movement. Which in fact, limits parental rights and true education freedom. Yes, it is a well funded movement that has been at work for many years. People who have been studying education reform and the laws and organizations that have been put in place vehemently oppose ESAs/Vouchers. WHY because we understand that our public schools are “WOKE” because they have been mandated by state and federal laws through Social and Emotional (SEL) Common Core “STANDARDS” to push an agenda. Texas public schools are being controlled by the Corrupt TEA, TASA, TASB and the Education Service Centers (ESC)s who are pushing this agenda.

Education Reformers on both sides of the political aisle are going full force. Texas is the heart of the reform movement.

They have destroyed our education system intentionally, so they can rebuild it using Public/Private Partnerships financed through Social Impact Bonds (SIBS) or Pay for Success (PFS). They will profit off the backs of our children and their teachers. All while harming countless numbers of our children in the process by opening the door for anyone with an agenda to have access to modify our children the next generation’s values, beliefs and behaviors. As I have written before. School Choice is a national security issue. They are burning down our education system with children and teachers inside.

The question is, who is willing to step up and protect Texas students and their teachers?

Ed Reformers- Obama, Clintons and the Bush’s Equity in Education plans for our entire country:

• charter schools replace public schools:

• everyone has federal Title I choice funds to go to any school (charter, private or religious schools)

• every child is taught the same standards:

• every teacher must teach the same standards:

• every test must be aligned to these standards:

• curriculum and software is aligned to standards:

• everything listed here is aligned to government data collection compliance.

I made this video 7 yrs ago. The very well funded Governor Abbott and Appointed Commissioner of Education Mike Morath team have been deceptively implementing the shift to the Federally mandated “Common Core” Social and Emotional Learning ( SEL) STANDARDS for a long time. They now need “School Choice” so they can access our private and homeschool children. This is all by design. Watch the video to the end. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

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